30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set: Your Ultimate Power Solution

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30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set: Your Reliable Power Solution

  • Robust Power Output: Capable of supplying 30kVA at 1500rpm for a wide array of applications.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with devices for low oil pressure and high engine temperature cut-off.
  • Compact and Efficient: Comes with a brushless, self-excited and self-regulated alternator; dimensions: 1720 x 1100 x 1000mm, Weight: 480kg, Volume: 1.89cbm.
  • Additional Accessories: Power cables, distribution panel, silent running canopy, tool kit and more available separately.
  • Primary Use: Ideal for constant power supply, particularly for lighting applications.
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Dependable and Reliable: 30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set

Keep your operations running seamlessly with the high-performing 30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set. This compact and potent power solution is perfect for various settings, whether an event, construction site, or transient location.

Features of the 30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set:

  • Optimum Power Output: This generator set gives an unmatched power supply of 30kVA at 1500rpm, catering to your power needs efficiently.
  • Durable Engine: Features an air-cooled, direct injection, naturally aspirated diesel engine with an electric start mechanism for flawless performance. Additionally, it comes with safety devices for low oil pressure and high temperature, ensuring operational safety.
  • Longer Run Time: Its generous fuel tank capacity allows it to function uninterruptedly for up to 10 hours, decreasing refueling requirements and boosting productivity.
  • Simple Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel comes with easy-to-read meters and warning lights for convenient monitoring and maintenance.
  • Compact and Portable: Weighs about 480kg and measures 1720 x 1100 x 1000mm, facilitating easy transportation and storage. Its compact design increases versatility, allowing it to blend into diverse settings effortlessly.
  • Customized Power Solutions: Enhance the functionality of your generator set by adding optional accessories like power and distribution cables, a distribution panel, a silent running canopy, and a toolkit to your order.

Why Our 30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set is Your Ideal Power Solution:

Our 30kVA Air-Cooled Diesel Generator Set is meticulously designed to provide a dependable and steady power supply. Engineered to perform under varied environmental conditions and applications, it is the perfect backup power source wherever you need it the most.

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