15kVA Diesel Generator Set | Versatile & Reliable Power Solution

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Ensure uninterrupted power supply with the 15kVA Diesel Generator Set, a blend of reliability, efficiency, and versatility. Engineered with a sturdy diesel engine, it provides a power output of 15kVA (12kW) and guarantees 8 hours of consistent operation. Key features include:

  • Automatic shutdown equipment: Enhances safety by preventing operational risks.
  • Flexible transport capabilities: Simplifies movement and relocation.
  • Added features available upon request:
    • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF): For uninterrupted power supply during outages.
    • Weather-resistant and noise-dampening canopy: For enhanced functionality and comfort.
    • Trailer mounting: For mobility and easy installation.
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15kVA Diesel Generator Set: A Versatile Power Solution that is Efficient and Reliable

Introducing the 15kVA Diesel Generator Set, your premium-grade power solutions expertly mastered to meet diverse power needs. Balancing meticulous craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, this advanced generator set encapsulates exceptional efficiency, superior performance, and unmatched durability. With a reputation built on reliability, the 15kVA generator set promises to provide a seamless power supply to meet your demands.

High-End Features

  • Equipped with a robust, heavy-duty, and air-cooled diesel engine for enduring performance and steadfast reliability.
  • An impressive output of 15kVA at 1500 rpm catering to all your power needs efficiently.
  • An inbuilt mechanical speed governor coupled with a heavy-duty air cartridge filter for peak performance.
  • A durable fuel tank, ensuring 8 hours of uninterrupted operation at the rated capacity.
  • An efficient fuel management system underscored by a precise fuel level indicator and an effective piping system.
  • Fitted with a synchronous and brushless alternator, an automatic voltage regulator ensuring output maintenance with a 2% normal condition deviation maximum.
  • A solid steel panel board housing key start/stop, an emergency stop button, and important meters for volts, amperes, frequency, and running hours.
  • Automatic shutdown system safeguards against low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and overspeed, fortifying safety and product lifespan.
  • Convenient mobility enabled by component integration on flexible skids coupled with anti-vibration dampers and lifting eyes.
  • Unquestionable efficiency under diverse environmental conditions like high altitude areas, temperature variations, and dust storms.
  • A comprehensive package of accessories supporting effective operation and ease of maintenance. The kit includes operation and maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogs, a tool kit, and spare parts that last for 2000 operational hours.
  • A unit weight of 374kg in a 1 cubic meter volume, the generator set is securely packaged in a tough sea-worthy wooden box for safe transport.

The 15kVA Diesel Generator Set is an all-round power solution designed for moderate civil infrastructures, office setups, water pumping systems, and cold chains. It promises efficiency, reliability, and utmost customer satisfaction.


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