Lab Freezer -86C, 140L - Optimal High-Performance Cold Storage Solution for Labs

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High-Performance Lab Freezer -86C, 140L

Guarantee quality sample preservation with our high-performance Lab Freezer, essential for any laboratory setting. Benefit from:

  • Eco-friendly CFC-free compression refrigeration
  • Consistent temperature through Polyurethane insulation
  • Flexible fan-cooled or direct cooling options
  • Durable construction offering stainless steel or aluminium choices
  • Customizable storage with volumes of 150, 188, or 338 L and adaptable shelves
  • Increased security with a lockable door
  • Accurate temperature control up to -86C, +/- 1C accuracy
  • Comprehensive monitoring via external display, electronic recording, and alerts
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The Lab Freezer -86C, 140L is an exceptional industrial-grade, high-performance cold storage solution, specifically engineered to meet the high demands of laboratory settings. With top-notch temperature maintenance and unmatched preservation capabilities, it provides an efficient and reliable storage solution for all your valuable samples.

  • Eco-friendly: The Lab Freezer is CFC-free, making it friendly for the environment and enhancing workplace health and safety.
  • Superior insulation: The high-quality polyurethane insulation ensures maximum temperature retention.
  • Multiple cooling options: The availability of fan-cooled and direct cooling options ensures excellent air distribution and temperature control.
  • Customizable storage: The solid lockable door and adjustable shelves allow for customization of storage as per individual needs.
  • Precise temperature control: The electronic temperature control with an impressive accuracy of +/- 1 degree permits precise adjustments up to -86 degrees.
  • Advanced monitoring: An external digital display, an electronic temperature recording device, and a safety alarm system provide ultimate temperature monitoring.
  • Energy-efficient: The Lab Freezer operates between 610 and 700 watts, thereby optimizing operational costs.
  • Electric fluctuation protection: The inclusion of an automatic voltage regulator ensures protection against electrical fluctuations.

Additionally, the Lab Freezer -86C, 140L arrives with a helpful bilingual (English and Spanish or French) operational, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting manual. It carries a generous two-year warranty for any potential component failure and its design with integrated castors enables easy movement. Its minimum compressor starting voltage feature and compliance with environmental regulations further enhance its appeal. Restricted materials are absent and it complies with EAN 128 barcode requirements. Delivered in protective packaging, spare parts remain available for at least five years after production. Simply put, the Lab Freezer -86C, 140L is the ideal cold storage solution for all kinds of laboratories.

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