Premium Intestinal Clamping Forceps - Doyen 230mm Curved | Robust Design with Maximized Adhesion

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Introducing the premium Forceps for Intestinal Clamping – Doyen 230mm Curved, an essential surgical tool. These forceps are specifically designed for intestinal clamping, ensuring precision and non-traumatic operation.

  • Non-Traumatic Operation – Made possible with soft, springy jaws
  • Precision – Accurate closures due to excellent mechanical design
  • Superior Grip – Exceptional jaw surface adhesion offering enhanced control
  • High Durability – Constructed with a martensitic steel structure of 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium for long-lasting use
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First-Class Forceps for Intestinal Clamping | Doyen 230mm Curved | Surgical Instruments | Superior Adhesion & Durability

Your surgeries deserve the best equipment. Introducing the high-quality Forceps for Intestinal Clamping - Doyen 230mm Curved. Created with robust Martensitic steel comprising 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, these first-class forceps are designed to provide an impeccable and successful experience during complex intestinal clamping procedures.

Key Features

  • The curved design provides precision operation during the transverse occlusion of a section intestine.
  • Constructed from enduring Martensitic steel, these forceps guarantee high durability and a longer lifespan.
  • With soft and springy properties, the forceps ensure non-traumatic handling and precise closing.
  • Superior adhesion is guaranteed thanks to the mechanical action and the surface engineering of the jaw.

Every pair of forceps is individually packed in a sterile plastic bag with 10 per box, ensuring maximum safety while handling. A detailed product information guide and storage conditions are provided in every box.

At a weight of 0.060kg, a volume of 0.060cdm, and a length of 23cm, these forceps are an integral part of our comprehensive Surgical Instruments Kit (S9910000 - Surg. inst., abdominal /SET).

Ensuring Forceps Safety and Maintenance

To maintain high sterility levels and long equipment life, it's imperative to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sterilize the forceps in a steam sterilizer after each use.

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