FilterSet for Canta 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator: Essential for Pure Oxygen Extraction

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The FilterSet for Canta 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator boost the functionality and lifespan of your machine. The set contains 1 x Bacterial filter(AEOC-V19066), 1 x Dust filter(AEOC-V19067), and 8 x Paper filters(AEOC-V19069), vital for generating purified, toxin-free air. Average run-time is 15 hours daily over two years, but the replacement frequency depends on environmental factors. For instructions on use and replacement, consult the manual of the concentrator. The package weighs 0.22 kg with a volume of 3.024 dm3. Regular cleaning and replacing filters enhance the performance.

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Extract purified, clean, and healthy oxygen with the FilterSet for the Canta 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator. Designed for those who value efficiency and reliability, this comprehensive filter set is essential for any therapeutic or medical applications. Being a complete air purification system, it eliminates contaminants from the air to ensure only the purest oxygen is produced by your concentrator.

Outstanding Features

  • An inclusive kit containing a bacterial filter, dust filter, and paper filters, all playing a crucial role in air purification.
  • The components can be easily replaced and maintained for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Sufficient for keeping your oxygen concentrator running smoothly for an average of 15 hours daily for two years, although harsh environmental conditions may necessitate more frequent exchanges.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

With the help of this comprehensive FilterSet, you not only extend the lifespan of your oxygen concentrator but also maintain its supreme performance. Each of the filters; the bacterial filter for trapping microscopic bacteria, dust filter for removing dust particles, and the paper filters for capturing small dust particles ensures no contamination flows back into the airflow.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Even with its high-level functionality, the use and cleaning of these filters are simple. You are guided by a user and maintenance manual to assist with each maintenance task. This FilterSet offers you an uncomplicated yet efficient way of getting the most out of your oxygen concentrator.

Compact and Lightweight

  • Despite its powerful capabilities, this filter set is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 0.22 kg when packaged.
  • Moreover, it is compact with a volume of just 3.024 dm3 when packaged, making it easy to store and transport.

Clean air is vital. With the FilterSet for the Canta 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator, you are guaranteed clean, contaminant-free air for your healthy living needs.

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