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Introduce the FACSPresto CD4abs% Counter with Start Kit, a progressive tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This compact device offers:

  • Precision: Provides CD4 Count Range of 50-4000 cells/ul and a Hemoglobin Range of 2-20 g/dL, enabling detailed health assessments.
  • Efficiency: Reduces waiting time with an initial test time of 22 minutes and 4 minutes for subsequent ones.
  • Storage capacity: Can accumulate up to 12,000 test results, facilitating efficient patient tracking.
  • Portability: Weighs only 10.50kg, suitable for evaluations in diverse settings.

Opt for FACSPresto CD4abs% Counter with Start Kit for accurate and prompt HIV/AIDS monitoring.

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FACSPresto CD4abs% Counter with Start Kit: Pioneering HIV/AIDS Monitoring

The FACSPresto CD4abs% Counter with Start Kit is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize one of the most critical aspects of HIV/AIDS management. This compact yet powerful device offers unrivaled reliability, making it a quintessential instrument for any healthcare or diagnostic laboratory seeking to modernize its HIV/AIDS monitoring and treatment.

Integrating 3-color Imaging cytometry technology, the CD4abs% Counter optimizes whole blood tests' accuracy and bases medication on reliable data. With single-use testing cartridges, you can expect maximized efficiency in your testing procedures. The interactive color touchscreen display allows for an exceptional user experience, simplifying operations for the user.

  • Distinct 3-color Imaging cytometry technology dramatically enhances whole blood testing
  • Single-use testing cartridges increase testing efficiency
  • Intuitive color touchscreen boosts user experience while reducing operation complexity
  • Built-in printer provides instant print of the test results
  • Exemplary storage can hold up to 12000 test results
  • Eco-friendly design features a 6-hour lasting rechargeable battery
  • Offers a nip-and-tuck package of assurance with a 3-year warranty

Along with the counter, the start kit also includes 100 ready-to-use cartridges, a 100 Finger Stick Sample collection kit, a power supply and a workstation for immediate usage. This kit furnishes everything you need from fingertip to data storage, ensuring patient safety, offering the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS monitoring package available.

  • Includes 100 ready-to-use cartridges and a sample collection kit
  • Workstation provided equips your lab with everything it needs
  • A kit outfitted with a power supply suitable for varying regional requirements
  • Comes with 5 rolls of thermal printer paper and a USB for data storage
  • Accompanied by a multi-language guidebook and a Quick Reference Guide

The FACSPresto CD4abs% Counter with Start Kit delivers meticulous features while accounting for the product's shelf life. With a year-long shelf life, this product ensures to deliver high performance while stored in standard environmental conditions.

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