High Precision FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Laboratory Kit

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Product: FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Kit is an advanced analysis tool designed for laboratory precision. Its primary benefit is to achieve highly accurate CD4 counts. It is structured with an eco-friendly ethos using biodegradable reagents.

  • Performance: Offers optimal performance between 10-35°C, crafted for professionals in controlled settings.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months when stored at 2-8°C.
  • Kit Components: Includes PE-labeled CD4 & CD8 tubes, reagent tube caps, and a formaldehyde fixative. Room temperature advised for effective usage.

This kit does not feature a specific chemical formula or CAS number. Using the FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Kit, laboratories can lead in precision and eco-friendly practice.

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FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Kit: Elevating Precision in Laboratories

The FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Kit revolutionizes laboratory methodologies, offering unsurpassed accuracy in CD4 counting, making it a significant asset in the scientific and healthcare industries. By redefining efficiency, the kit enhances each step of your laboratory operations, ensuring operator convenience and superior performance.

  • Superlative Efficiency: The pre-filled tubes contain precise measurements of requisite antibodies and beads, reducing preparation time and minimizing scope for errors.
  • Ecological Mindfulness: Reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices, the kit uses biodegradable reagents, supporting green scientific endeavours.
  • Resilient Functionality: The kit is configurable to handle temperature (10-35 degrees Celsius) and humidity (10%-95%, non-condensing) variations, ensuring undeterred high performance.
  • Half-life and Durability: With a 12-month shelf life post-manufacture, the kit needs proper storage between 2-8 degrees Celsius, and shielded from direct sunlight and frost to sustain functionality.
  • User Convenience: Weighing 0.44 kg and occupying a volume of 0.0037 cubic meters, the easy-to-handle kit requires minimal storage space.

Reliable and Streamlined Operation

For optimal safety, use of the FACSCount CD4[abs] 2-Tube Kit necessitates proper safety gear and correct blood collection consumables. It is recommended to bring the components to room temperature prior to use and avoid swapping reagents from various kits or batches. The kit is a user-friendly solution to achieving absolute CD4 counting, providing valuable insights for diagnostic applications and effective health progress evaluation.

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