Fog-Resistant Full Face Safety Shield - All-Round Protection & Comfort

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Fog-Resistant Full Face Safety Shield: Maximum Protection & Comfort: Designed for one-time use, this safety shield provides optimal facial coverage and clear visibility. Key features include:

  • Anti-fog Treatment: Ensures clear vision in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Glare-Prevention Outer Coating: Reduces reflection for distraction-free operation.
  • Clear Polycarbonate Material: Provides an impact resistance of approximately 0.3 mm thickness for enhanced safety.
  • Adjustable Integrated Headband: Comes with a width of approx. 3 cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for various face sizes.
  • Foam Padding: Boosts comfort during prolonged use.
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Fog-Resistant Full Face Safety Shield: Maximum Protection & Comfort

Ensure your safety at work with our Fog-Resistant Full Face Safety Shield. This premium protective device is designed for comfort and coverage, featuring superior build quality, an anti-fog coated shield, and a sturdy headband. Whether you're in a lab, factory, construction site or healthcare facility, this safety shield provides reliable protection from hazards.

High-Quality Material for Utmost Protection

Our safety shield is constructed from clear polycarbonate, offering outstanding strength and lightness. The shield is approximately 0.3mm thick, capable of withstanding impacts while offering unrivalled visibility. Certified to CE EN 166 or an equivalent international standard, this shield promises a high level of safety and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage

The face shield boasts a full-length design covering your face from ear to ear, forehead to chin. Measuring about 26cm in width and 34cm in height, it offers extensive protection, shielding you from flying debris, splashes or sprays, without hindering your view or mobility.

Comfortable Wearing Experience

For unparalleled comfort, this safety shield comes with an Adjustable Length Headband integrated flawlessly with the shield itself. The headband, measuring around 3cm wide, ensures a snug but comfortable fit for all users. A Foam Padded Front Part of the Headband, around 25cm in length, reduces any forehead stress, enabling long hours of use.

Anti-Fog & Anti-Glare for Clear Visibility

Our Fog-Resistant Full Face Safety Shield is treated with an Anti-Fog coating that keeps your visibility clear in different work environments. Plus, an outer coating to prevent glare from reflections enhances functionality, making it the go-to protective gear across various industries.

  • Composed of clear polycarbonate for durability and visibility.
  • Shield Thickness: Approximately 0.3mm for optimal balance between protection and clarity.
  • Shield Size: Approximately 26cm x 34cm (W x H) for comprehensive coverage.
  • Headband Width: Approximately 3cm for secure and comfortable fit
  • Foam Padded Front Part of the Headband: Approximately 25cm providing cushioned comfort.
  • Features Anti-Fog Treated/Coated Shield for clear visibility.
  • Includes External Coating to prevent glare from reflections.

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