Adult Venturi Face Mask - Single Use: Precise Oxygen Delivery System

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Adult Venturi Face Mask – Single Use | Precise Oxygen Delivery

  • Delivers oxygen concentration accurately from 24% to 50%
  • Features color-coded jets for straightforward identification, and includes humidity cup and tubing
  • Has a comfortable and secure fit using medical grade PVC, with an adjustable nose clip and strap
  • Comes with a variable oxygen tube length of 1.5 to 2.1m
  • Conforms to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and ISO 13485:2003 standards
  • Operates efficiently at 5 to 40°C temperature and 10 to 90% relative humidity
  • Lightweight product, packaged weight approximately 0.093 kg, with a volume of 0.001 m3
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Adult Venturi Face Mask - Single Use | Precise Oxygen Delivery System is a breakthrough in oxygen therapy essentials. Uniquely built for adult use, this product is lauded for accurate oxygen delivery and answers a significant healthcare need serving professionals across various capacities.

Impeccably designed with care and rigorous testing, it provides an exact FiO2 from 24% to 50% at an oxygen flow rate of 1-10 LPM. The mask, along with tubing, humidity cup, and color-coded jets in each kit, assures easily distinguished oxygen concentration, thereby guaranteeing accuracy.

The masks innovative design includes an adjustable nose clip and strap that enables a perfect fit and significantly reduces the risk of slipping or detachment. Additionally, the anti-crush tube with a standard connector ensures safety and durability, making long-term use reliable and easy.

Key Features:

  • Accurate oxygen concentration from 24% to 50%
  • Kit includes tubing, humidity cup, and easily distinguishable color-coded jets
  • Adjustable nose clip and strap for secure and comfortable fit
  • Oxygen tube length ranges from 1.5-2.1m for optimal use
  • Built with medical-grade PVC that ensures safety and durability
  • Anti-crush tube with a standard connector for enduring usage
  • Single-use design aids in minimizing cross-contamination risks
  • Suitably sized for adults

Keep assured of the product's unwavering integrity and functionality. With a robust shelf life of 5 years and a warranty of 12 months, Adult Venturi Face Mask - Single Use provides nothing short of peace of mind. It is compliant with ISO 13485:2003 and Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, indicating adherence to international safety and quality standards.

Choose Adult Venturi Face Mask - Single Use for optimal precision and efficiency in your oxygen delivery undertakings. Stay ahead with innovation and precision designed for the healthcare industry.

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