High-Quality Electrosurgical Unit with Advanced Accessories for Superior Surgical Performance

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Product: High-quality Electrosurgical Unit for Superior Surgical Cutting and Control

  • Outstanding Performance: Ensures high-level surgical cutting and bleeding control with cutting-edge coagulation abilities.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for various surgical needs, from open surgeries to advanced laparoscopic procedures.
  • Progressive Design: Includes multiple operation styles such as cut and coagulate, user-adaptable foot switch modes, and a return electrode monitoring system.
  • Durable: Includes robust, reusable accessories like foot-switches and protective dust cover extending longevity.
  • Inclusive Training: Complimentary training provided for optimal device utilization and maintenance.
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Robust Electrosurgical Unit with High-Quality Accessories

Our powerful Electrosurgical Unit, accompanied by top-tier Accessories, delivers Superior Surgical Cutting and Control. Boasting high-frequency electric current technology, this system can efficiently cater to both open and laparoscopic procedures.

Exceptional Features:

  • State-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled frequency generator designed for consistent, reliable performance.
  • Monopolar and bipolar outputs, which are isolated to ensure maximum patient safety.
  • Flexible monopolar modesu2014pure cut, blend and coagulateu2014to meet diverse surgical requirements.
  • Bipolar mode with coagulate and cut mode enriches its functionality across multiple procedures.
  • Hand and foot-operated switch modes offer versatility in operation.
  • In-built safety feature to monitor the grounding pad/return electrode for secure patient connection.
  • Intuitive front panel for easy mode selection, power settings, and web operations.
  • LCD panel for quick problem resolution that displays output power, system errors, and electrode failures.
  • Automatic shutoff in case of grounding pad/return electrode disconnection to promise heightened safety.

Package Contents:

  • Easy-to-understand instruction set for hassle-free product handling.
  • A protective cover to prevent contamination and damage.
  • Dual-pedal foot switch equipped with a connecting cable for effortless operation.
  • A reusable grounding pad/return electrode with a 3m connecting cable.
  • Economic, reusable, foot-switch operated monopolar electrode handle for convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • Power requirement: 100 - 240 Volts with a Frequency of 50/60 Hz.
  • Operating temperatures: 10u00b0C - 40u00b0C, with Relative Humidity: 30-75%..
  • Storage Conditions: -10u00b0C - 60u00b0C, Relative Humidity: 30-90%.
  • Net Weight: 28 kg; Dimensions: 160.00 dmu00b3.

Note: Estimated delivery lead time is 120 days. To guarantee efficient usage, we recommend comprehensive user training and routine maintenance as per the user and service manuals.

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