EDTA Capillary Tubes for Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing - Precision Diagnostics at Your Fingertips

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EDTA Capillary Tubes for Rapid HIV & Syphilis Testing

Exceptionally designed EDTA Capillary Tubes, ideal for accurate and reliable HIV and Syphilis testing. Each pack includes 100 state-of-the-art medical diagnostic tubes. These are perfectly suitable for whole blood samples with a capacity for 50µl samples. The tubes assure 24-month usability from the date of manufacturing. For optimal results and longevity, it’s essential to store these tubes between 2°- 30° C in a dry, sunlight-free environment. Freezing is not recommended.

  • Product Type: Medical diagnostic capillary tubes
  • Quantity: 100 tubes per pack
  • Sample Type: Designed for whole blood samples
  • Capacity: Suitable for 50µl samples
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing
  • Storage: Store at 2°-30°C, avoid direct sunlight, do not freeze
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The EDTA Capillary Tubes from our collection are a cornerstone in innovative, accurate diagnostics concerning HIV and Syphilis testing. Versatile and reliable, this product has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail in order to provide only the most accurate results and optimize functionality. Each pack includes 100 high-quality EDTA capillary tubes, thus offering an economical solution for all your diagnostic efforts.

  • Our tubes feature cutting-edge technology that guarantees a smooth and efficient diagnostic process. The inherent precision of the EDTA Capillary Tubes significantly enhances the reliability of the testing results.
  • The tubes have been carefully constructed to ideally accommodate Whole Blood samples, fostering advanced diagnostic techniques and more substantial results.
  • The optimized sample volume of 50µl is particularly constructed to render precise, accurate results, thereby elevating your diagnostic capabilities.
  • Our EDTA Capillary Tubes guarantee a shelf life of 24 months post-manufacture, offering extended usability while also urging adherence to the expiry date for maximum efficiency.
  • The tubes should be stored between 2- 30°C, away from humidity and sunlight. Protection of reagents from freezing temperatures is crucial to maintaining their integrity, hence the product's packaging accommodates all necessary precautions.
  • These tubes are light and handy, weighing approximately 0.03 Kg with a volume of about 0.00008 dm³, thereby ensuring ease of transportation and usage.
  • Additionally, our EDTA Capillary Tubes are listed in the World Health Organization's list of approved in vitro diagnostic products, ensuring their credibility and effectiveness. You can find more information here.

The EDTA Capillary Tubes - Accurate & Reliable for Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing is an invaluable tool for advanced diagnostics. Invest in precision, reliability, and enhanced effectiveness with our top-of-the-line product.

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