ECD Activity Guide Kit: A Comprehensive Tool for Early Childhood Development

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ECD Activity Guide Kit: A Comprehensive Tool for Early Childhood Development

A unique and resourceful ECD Activity Guide Kit for fostering early childhood development. Practical for parents, educators, and caregivers, this kit serves as a valuable tool for home or classroom setting.

  • Adaptable: Contains a vast array of activities catering to distinct learning stages.
  • Comprehensive: Encompasses diversified facets crucial for early childhood progress
  • Flexible: Designed for execution with or without supplementary materials
  • Specifications: Comprises 104 pages, B5 when folded, B4 when unfolded, featuring high-quality, 4-colour processed print on robust, 150 GSM wood-free paper
  • Packaging: Delivered unpackaged for simple usage and convenience, distinctly marked as ‘ECD Activity Guide, ECD kit, English’
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The ECD Activity Guide Kit is an essential tool designed to facilitate comprehensive early childhood development. This guide, packed with activities, is employed by parents, teachers, and caretakers to enrich learning experiences during a child's early years. The goal is to lay a solid foundation for physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Printed through a vibrant 4-colour process, the guide boasts a children-friendly design featuring lively, inviting colours and illustrations. The matte laminated covers bestow the item with a sleek look and offer additional durability, thereby enabling sustained use.

  • Dimensions: Closed, the guide measures 250 x 176mm. Open, the size expands to 353 x 250mm.
  • Total Pages: Comprising 104 pages, the guide offers a plethora of activities to sustain engagement over time.
  • Paper Type: Printed on 150 GSM wood-free, non-coated paper, the result is enhanced ink absorption for sharper text and vibrant images.
  • Front and Back Cover: With 1mm recycled board, a 4-colour printed sheet and inside lamination, the front cover is both robust and eco-friendly. The back cover, coated with a single (cyan) colour, exudes style and sustainability.
  • Binding & Finishing: The packaging is held together by sturdy 20mm diameter black spiral binding, while the matte lamination on either side ensures a sleek finish.
  • Activity Sheets: Besides an array of offline activities, users gain access to online PDF-format activity sheets, available in six different languages.

Note: Individual packaging is not available for this product. Guides are sold separately

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