Premium 290mm Diameter Steam Sterilization Drum for Medical Sterilization

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Premium Steam Sterilization Drum, 290mm Diameter For Medical Devices

Steam sterilization is simplified with this premium, durable drum, specifically designed for medical devices. Benefits include the austenitic stainless steel construction purpose-designed for steam sterilization and various features from handy clip lock to air vent system. Key details include:

  • Size (Diameter: 290mm, Height: 160-180mm, Thickness: 0.6-0.7mm)
  • Unit properties (Weight: 1.65kg, volume: 15cdm)
  • Fits perfectly into Sterilization Kit C (S9908200)
  • Allows for efficient sterilization of medical devices, surgical materials and dressings

For optimum performance, avoid overstuffing and adhere to proper operating procedures.

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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Premium Steam Sterilization Drum, 290mm Diameter: The Best Choice for Efficient Medical Sterilization

Proudly presenting our high-end steam sterilization drum with a diameter of 290mm. Specifically designed for sterilizing medical equipment, dressing materials, and surgical instruments, this sterilizing drum sets the gold standard in maintaining optimal hygiene in medical settings, thanks to its effective steam sterilization system.

Key Features

  • A body crafted from robust austenitic stainless steel ensuring superior durability.
  • An efficient air vent system, complemented by a secure clip lock providing perfect sterilization conditions.
  • Clear operating instructions, promoting safe handling and operation.
  • Accommodation for a wide range of sterilizers due to its well-thought-out sizing.

Exceptional Design and Specifications

Our sterilization drum boasts an external diameter of approximately 280-290mm and a height range of 160-180mm. This design assures compatibility with various sterilizers. The thickness of 0.6-0.7mm guarantees long-lasting robustness and durability.

Safety Compliant Packaging and Labelling

Each sterilizing drum is individually packaged in a plastic bag and secured within a box, accompanied by detailed instructions. The packaging displays vital information necessary for safe storage and handling, ensuring your device is ready to use when you are.

User-friendly Design

Designed for simple use, our sterilizing drum comes with a convenient clip lock and handle. The air vent system ensures effective steam circulation during the sterilization process and can be easily closed post sterilization. The size of the drum is tailored to accommodate a wide variety of steam sterilizers, offering considerable convenience and flexibility.

Ensured Safety Process

Prior to usage, it is essential to clean the drum thoroughly, seal the lid and vent system correctly. Avoid using chlorinated products. After the sterilization process, the sterile material inside can be safely stored for up to a month.

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