Top Quality Sterilization Drum for Optimal Medical and Scientific Use

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Premium 260mm Sterilization Drum designed for professional medical and scientific applications. High-grade austenitic stainless steel build, ensuring long-lasting sturdiness.

  • Sterilization Application: Ideal for sterilizing diverse medical instruments and reusable devices.
  • Suitable for Autoclaves: Perfectly designed for high compatibility with steam sterilizers (autoclaves).
  • Safety Lid: Incorporates a secure clip-lock lid for safety enhancement.
  • Easy Transportation: Fitted with a robust carrying handle for prioritizing convenience in mobility.
  • Optimized Air Flow: Constructed with vents for efficient steam circulation during sterilization processes.
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Top-Quality Sterilization Drum, 260mm Diameter: Redefining Sterilization Standards in Medical and Scientific Contexts

Introducing the epitome of sterilization - our High-Quality Sterilization Drum. Designed meticulously with functionality and durability in mind, this tool has set a benchmark for sterilization in a vast array of scientific, medical, and healthcare spheres. It serves as an unrivaled tool perfect for sterilizing reusable medical aids, surgical instruments, and dressing materials, guaranteeing the pinnacle of hygienic safety. The supreme design of this drum ensures an effortless, yet highly efficient sterilization process.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Sterilization

Constructed with robust austenitic stainless steel, this sterilization drum boasts high durability and resilience. The proficient cylindrical shape coupled with a smooth surface facilitates an even distribution of heat, enabling thorough sterilization. Undoubtedly, such robust construction not only promises a long lifespan but also ensures top-notch performance.

  • Cylindrical Design: Even heat distribution
  • Durable Construction: Austenitic stainless steel
  • Dimension: External diameter - 240-260mm, Height - 160-170mm
  • Material Thickness: 0.6-0.7mm

User-Friendly Design for Enhanced Practicality

The Sterilization Drum is complemented by an effective closing lid and clip lock, assuring absolute security of items throughout the sterilization process. Additionally, manual air vents allow steam circulation during the process and ensure sterility maintenance post-sterilization by closing. The convenient carrying handle further eases transportation across facilities.

Protocols for Optimizing Performance: Key Recommendations

  • Air Vent: Open during sterilization, close immediately post-autoclave
  • Packing: Avoid overpacking for optimum steam penetration
  • Compatibility: Works with various types of steam sterilizers

Effective Safety Measures to Enhance Sterilization

Prior and post-sterilization, the drum should be checked and cleaned thoroughly. When stored accurately and handled appropriately, sterile materials can be preserved for up to a month. Date-label the drum post-sterilization and keep goods in a dedicated room. Assigning a stock manager can prevent any potential misuse.

An Integral Component of Your Comprehensive Sterilization Solution

This Sterilization Drum forms an integral component of the S9908200 Sterilization Kit C, rendering it a handy package that caters to every sterilization need.

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