A3 Drawing Pad - Premium Quality Sketching and Painting Pad for Budding Artists

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A3 Drawing Pad – A premium sketchpad effectively catering to artists of varied experience levels. Boasting 48 blank sheets, this pad provides sufficient space for numerous artistic endeavors, including doodling, painting, or sketching.

  • Size: A3, optimal for extensive designs or detailed artwork.
  • Pages: Contains 48 unmarked sheets for creating a range of artistic manifestations.
  • Quality: Uses superior-grade paper ensuring durability and preservation of artwork.
  • Usage: Suitable for a multitude of art techniques, accommodating artists at all skill levels.
  • Purpose: Engineered to encourage creative expression and refine artistry skills.
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A3 Drawing Pad - The Canvas for Creative Minds

Ignite the fires of creativity and inspiration with our A3 Drawing Pad. Designed with high-quality materials and an artist's needs in mind, this drawing pad is the perfect tool for sketching, doodling, or painting. Offering a generous space of 420mm X 297mm, this pad is an ideal platform for any artist to express their artistic visions.

The A3 Drawing Pad boasts 48 pages of 110 GSM paper, offering a combination of durability and perfect heaviness for drawing. This non-coated, authentic paper texture aims to heighten the artistic experience while providing a sturdy and reliable surface for your creations. As a nod to sustainability, the paper is made up of 75% recycled content, making our drawing pad a responsible choice for our environmentally conscious artists.

Key Features

  • Size: The A3 size, equivalent to 420mm X 297mm, provides ample space for artistic expressions.
  • Quality: Comprised of 48 sheets of 110 GSM paper for an authentic drawing experience.
  • Eco-Friendly: Crafted with 75% recycled content, ensuring the product's sustainability.
  • Detachable Sheets: Easily detach your artworks from the pad for display or gifting.
  • Sturdiness: Features a robust, 600 GSM cardboard backing for durability and ease of use.

Our product prioritizes user safety and the environment, making it ideal for children's prolonged use. The A3 Drawing Pad is an environmentally-friendly option designed to usher in a new era of sustainability, inspiring young artists to be mindful of their impact on the environment while fueling their creative spark.

Product Packaging

Our A3 Drawing Pads come in packs of ten, shrink-wrapped in a 40-micron polypropylene package for protection during transit and prevention of any possible damage.


This drawing pad can serve as a critical component of Early Childhood Development Kits, like our Kit-in-a-box or an ECD-in-a-carton. These kits offer an all-inclusive art solution, aiding in the developmental growth of young minds through artistic expression.

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