DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate: High Purity Pharmaceutical Grade Compound | Global Availability

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High-Purity DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate

DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate is an exquisite, pharmaceutical-grade compound (CAS No: 71607-31-3) known for its outstanding quality and consistent results. This compound is perfect for pharmaceutical research and formulations. Key features include:

  • Excellent Quality: Strictly produced to adhere to the highest pharmaceutical-grade standards.
  • Uniformity: Consistency in manufacturing ensures uniform results.
  • Protective Packaging: Safeguarded in specially designed packing to maintain its integrity and prevent damage during transit.
  • Global Access: Available for world-wide shipment.
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High-Purity Pharmaceutical Grade Compound: DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate

The DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate (CAS Number: 71607-31-3) defines superlative quality and an unmatched level of purity. A significant compound in the pharmaceutical field, this superior product is a result of meticulous synthesis, aimed to offer the most reliable solutions for industrial and scientific needs. From its production to testing, every step assure its efficacy, safety, and credibility. This pharmaceutical-grade compound is globally recognized and can be procured from any location.

Key Features:

  • High Quality: A top-tier, pharmaceutical-grade product for precise applications. Meticulously synthesized and rigorously tested to assure its quality.
  • CAS Number 71607-31-3: Equipped with a unique CAS number, confirming its reliability and recognition in the scientific community.
  • Global Availability: A compound recognized worldwide, ensuring its procurement is not curtailed by geographical limitations.
  • Secure Packaging: Secure and robust packaging that guarantees the product's integrity throughout the transport process.

When it comes to supplying DI-P-Toluoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate, count on us – a product synonymous with exceptional quality and consistency. Embrace the plethora of possibilities that our quality product brings, and redefine your notion of scientific excellence.

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