Cobetter CSD Series Filters - Ultimate Depth Filtration Solution

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Cobetter CSD Series Filters – Optimum Performance Depth Filtration Solution

  • Manufactured from high purity lignocellulose composite and inorganic filter aid, contributing to superb filtration efficiency and increased lifespan compared to rivals.
  • Employs a unique three-dimensional crisscross structure to provide exceptional depth filtration capabilities.
  • Operational without flaw up to a temperature of 80°C, showcasing its sturdy and reliable nature.
  • Remarkably versatile, making it optimal for assorted applications, prominently in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and chemical sectors among others.
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Cobetter CSD Series Filters - A New Benchmark in Depth Filtration Efficiency

When it comes to depth filtration, nothing surpasses the functionality and quality of Cobetter CSD Series Filters. Developed with a top-tier blend of pure lignocellulose composite material and an inorganic filter aid agent, these filters deliver an unmatched performance for varied applications.

Salient Features

  • Blending high purity lignocellulose composite and inorganic filter aid agent, Cobetter ensures the best in class performance.
  • Unique crisscrossing three-dimensional structure allowing proficient depth filtration.
  • Exceptional filtration efficiency promising purity in your products.
  • Marked reduction in operational costs owing to high dirt-holding capacity reducing filter replacement frequency.
  • Increased lifecycle ensuring efficient and consistent operation.

Working Conditions

  • Max Temp: 80u00b0C (176u00b0F).
  • Max Differential Pressure: 2.4bar at 25u00b0C (77u00b0F).
  • Flush Rate: Pure water 50 L/m2 Flow rate 20 lpm/m2.
  • Steaming Sterilization (Autoclave): 121u00b0C / 30min.

Materials Composition

  • Filter Medium consists of Cellulose, Diatomaceous Earth.

The Cobetter CSD Series Filters are emblematic of superior quality, extended service life, and cost-effectiveness. They stand as a hallmark solution to all your depth filtration needs, providing you incontestable advantages concerning performance, sustainability, and reduced operational costs.

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