Versatile External Defibrillator and Integrated ECG Monitor | Efficient Cardiac Support

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Versatile External Defibrillator and ECG Monitor – Efficient Cardiac Support Device

Designed for maximum patient safety, this multifunctional external defibrillator integrates a reliable ECG monitor. It’s robust and adaptable, making it optimal for both adult and pediatric patient use.

  • Adaptable: Adjustable energy output range for enhanced compatibility
  • Readable: Ensures clear viewing with its backlit flat-panel display
  • Comprehensive: Furnished with a 3-channel thermal printer, cable, and a 3-lead ECG configuration
  • Mobile: Fitted with a portable and rechargeable battery for easy relocation
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Versatile External Defibrillator and ECG Monitor - Your Efficient Cardiac Support Device

Equip yourself with our state-of-the-art Versatile External Defibrillator with Integrated ECG Monitor, a reliably efficient solution for cardiac emergencies. This innovative device not only gauges cardiac vitals with precision but also delivers timely defibrillation, thereby serving as a comprehensive support system for life-threatening cardiac cases.

Dynamic Duo: 2-in-1 Design

Enjoy the dual benefit of defibrillation and ECG monitoring offered by our unique device. Its integrated functionalities lend an upper hand during emergency responses, by saving crucial time.

Customizable Energy Output

The device caters to individual patient requirements by allowing you to regulate the energy output. For pediatric patients, it ranges between 2-50 J and for adults, it stretches from 50-360 J.

Clear and Instant Therapeutic Information

Equipped with a backlit flat panel, the device enables easy readability even in dim light conditions. The real-time ECG configuration, facilitated through our state-of-the-art ECG cable, ensures timely detection and analysis of cardiac rhythm and heart rate, enabling snappy and accurate therapeutic decisions.

Swift Recharge and Consistent Performance

The device's capability to reach full charge within 8 seconds ensures its readiness for immediate defibrillation. Its integrated thermal printer allows for the speedy documentation of ECG readings, while the removable battery ensures a reliable performance across all situations.

Versatility with Hand-held Paddles

The device's versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of hand-held paddles, specifically designed to cater to patients of all ages, offering maximum utility.

Durability & Efficiency

With a proven lifespan of up to ten years and a two-year warranty from the date of shipping, we guarantee the sustainability and effectiveness of our product. Harness the life-saving power of our Versatile External Defibrillator with an Integrated ECG Monitor for assured cardiac emergency support.

Restrictions: Only qualified personnel should operate this device. Assembly and commissioning should be carried out by trained professionals. Delivery lead-time post-order is approximately 120 days.

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