UNICEF Vehicle Decal - Small 693x196mm | Showcase Your Support | Durable, Weather-proof & Easy-to-Apply

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Showcase your support with the high-quality UNICEF Small Vehicle Decal. Designed specifically for UNICEF, its outstanding features include:

  • Top-grade white gloss PVC manufacture, ensuring lasting durability
  • Assured service life of 2-3 years following delivery
  • Eye-catching 693 x 196 mm rectangle with accurately angled corners
  • Striking cyan background contrasted by a prominent UNICEF logo

Perfect for cars, vans, or trucks, this decal serves as a notable emblem of your support for UNICEF’s admirable mission.

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Exemplify your support for a global cause with the UNICEF Vehicle Decal. This premium-quality 693 x 196 mm decal is not just an adornment for your vehicle but a significant symbol of your backing for UNICEF's mission. With superior durability and an elegant design, this decal presents a brilliant way to display your support while enhancing the distinctive appearance of your vehicle.

  • Designed for UNICEF, sporting a vibrant cyan blue finish with the UNICEF emblem predominantly shown in bright white.
  • Built to last with top-notch quality white gloss PVC, bolstered with a firm adhesive, promising a lifespan of 2-3 years from delivery.
  • The robust construct with a thickness of 0.1mm ensures this decal can withstand different weather conditions, maintaining its luster and affixing ability.
  • An added Kraft liner that weighs 130 grams ameliorates its durability, assuring it remains steadfast on your vehicle.
  • The rectangular structure with sharp 90-degree corners ensures it adeptly adapts to any part of your vehicle. It's easy to apply, rendering it a perfect fit for any automobile.
  • Effortlessly stick this decal onto your vehicle, bolstering it with unique identification while also showcasing your support for global child welfare.

This powerful, small and sleek UNICEF vehicle decal, elegantly designed, serves its purpose beyond its aesthetics. Exhibit your backing for the underprivileged children around the world, channeling a positive message when on the go.

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