Reliable 100ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder Set - Accurate Liquid Measurement Solution

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Enhance your measures with the Cylinder, Measuring, Plastic, 100ml, Set/12 – an essential asset for research, educational, and industrial applications. Constructed from durable, heat-resistant plastic, it provides reliable volume measurements.

  • Resistant to Heat and Chemicals: Withstands extreme conditions and autoclaving up to 121°C.
  • Precision Pouring: Comes with a smart spout design for accurate, spill-free pouring.
  • Clear Graduated Marks: Clear, easy-to-read graduations ensure accuracy in measurements.
  • Stability Incorporated: Anti-tip hexagonal base ensures safe usage.
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Cylinder Measuring Plastic 100ml Set/12 - High-quality Graduated Cylinders for Exceptionally Accurate Measurements

Our Cylinder Measuring Plastic 100ml Set is a must-have partner for everyone working in a laboratory or educational environment. Lauded for its outstanding functionality, long-lasting service, and superior quality, this set of 12 graduated cylinders delivers precise and accurate measurements every time.

Unmatched Features

  • Constructed from high-quality, autoclavable plastic, these cylinders withstand chemical attacks and high temperatures up to 121°C.
  • The cylinders feature clear and precise embossed graduations beginning from 10ml for easy readability and to enhance accuracy.
  • Designed with user convenience in mind, our cylinders come with a spout for clean, controlled dispensing of liquids and minimizing spillages.
  • Each unit can measure up to 100ml, providing a versatile range for varied laboratory requirements.
  • Our graduated cylinders are made from polypropylene or equivalent, a material prized for its combination of excellent chemical resistance and considerable rigidity.
  • A steadying, wide hexagonal base prevents the cylinder from toppling, ensuring an increased level of safety in the lab.

Intended Use

Our Cylinder Measuring Plastic 100ml Set finds its place in several laboratory and learning contexts, making itself indispensable anywhere where accuracy and precision in liquid measurement are paramount.

Striking a balance between robust build quality and reliable performance, this graduated cylinder set not only meets but exceeds user expectations, making it a preferred choice for professionals and educationists alike.

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