7mm Sharp Sims Uterine Curette: Premium Martensitic Steel Surgical Tool

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7mm Sharp Sims Uterine Curette: Durable Martensitic Steel Medical Tool

  • An exceptional medical tool, the 7mm Sharp Sims Uterine Curette, specifically designed to carry out precise endometrial tissue removal and biopsy procedures.
  • Constructed from Martensitic Steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
  • Comes with a rigid shank featuring a 7mm oval, fenestrated blade for efficient performance.
  • The shaft length of 26cm offers a high degree of accuracy for each procedure.
  • This tool primarily aids in the evacuation of retained conception products from the uterus.
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7mm Sharp Sims Uterine Curette: High-performance Surgical Instrument

Specially designed for obstetric and gynecological procedures, the 7mm Sharp Sims Uterine Curette serves as an essential medical tool. Precisely sculpted from durable martensitic steel, this curette combines high-grade functionality and longevity, providing efficient performance in intrauterine processes.

Distinguished Features

  • The Sims Uterine Curette is optimally shaped, boasting of an oval and fenestrated blade that ensures superior intraoperative performance.
  • Made of premium-grade martensitic steel, providing superior durability and long-term consistency in performance.
  • The curette features a sharp 7mm cutting edge ideal for efficient removal of uterine material, aiding comprehensive procedures.
  • Structured with a rigid shank type, the curette guarantees excellent control during medical procedures.
  • Dimensions provide adequate reach and efficient operational area, with the shaft length of 26cm and the spoon width of 7mm.
  • The curette comes packed individually in clean plastic bags, safeguarding sterility and enabling convenient distribution.
  • It can be easily sterilised using a steam steriliser for ensuring utmost hygiene during each procedure.

Usage Directions

This uterine curette is specifically designed for the removal of retained products of conception. It is crucially important to clean, disinfect, and sterilise the product after each use, maintaining necessary hygiene standards.

Exceptional Packaging and Labeling

The Sims Uterine Curette comes individually packed in labeled plastic bags detailing the manufacturer's trademark, product type, primary characteristics, storage and handling info, etc. For added convenience, an option for a box packaging containing ten curettes is also provided with comprehensive labeling.

Key Component for Medical Set

This Sims uterine curette is a vital part of the S9910002 Surgical Instrument Curettage Set, yet it can also be acquired individually. Without a doubt, it stands as a key element for any gynecological or obstetric instrumentation.

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