High Quality Advanced Bubble CPAP System for Neonates - Unrivalled Neonatal Respiratory Support

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Enhance your neonatal care with the top-tier Advanced Bubble CPAP System for Neonates, designed with superior technology for respiratory support. Key features of this high-quality system include:

  • Heated and Humidified High-Flow Air Stream, ensuring supportive breathing treatment
  • Integrated Humidifier and FiO2 Analyzer, guaranteeing precise oxygen concentration
  • Personalized Healthcare, offering adjustable output flow and CPAP pressure
  • Diverse Clinical Requirements, delivered through versatile oxygen concentration options
  • Reliable Operation, backed by overheating and overvoltage safeguards
  • Continuous Operation, backed by a battery for power outage scenarios
  • Cost-Efficient, featuring reusable parts
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The High Quality Advanced Bubble CPAP System for Neonates - Top-tier Respiratory Support is a pioneering addition to any neonatal healthcare setting. It's an innovation-driven clinical tool that elevates the standard of neonatal respiratory support. Designed to offer non-invasive, customizable ventilation for newborns, this system uses a controllable mix of heated, humidified air or oxygen, making it a highly versatile piece of equipment.

Features of the High Quality Advanced Bubble CPAP System:

  • Exclusively devised for neonates to deliver impeccable respiratory care.
  • Equipped with an integrated humidifier and FiO2 analyzer to control oxygen concentration levels between 21% to 100%, catering to individual patient's needs.
  • Adjustable CPAP pressure and output flow to suit every patient's unique needs.
  • Enhanced safety features to prevent overpressure and overheating, providing reliable and safe operation.
  • Automatic switch to battery power during power outages for uninterrupted patient care.
  • Includes reusable patient circuits and nasal cannulas making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Complies with internationally recognized standards, ISO 13485 and EU MDR 2017/745, classifying it as a Class IIb device.

Acquiring the High Quality Advanced Bubble CPAP System for Neonates - Top-tier Respiratory Support is a strategic move for all healthcare providers specializing in neonatal care. Integrating advanced technology with user convenience, the device offers effective and reliable respiratory support for the most vulnerable patients. Investing in this system ensures an advanced level of respiratory care for neonates, giving each of them the fighting chance they deserve.

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