Coverall Protection CatIII Type3b XL - Top Tier Biohazard Protective Suit

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Coverall Protection CatIII Type3b XL – Optimum Biohazard Protective Suit

  • Specially engineered for usage in EVD isolation units, ensuring maximum safety and protection.
  • Built with a impermeable biohazard-protective barrier, promising effective defense against viral intrusion.
  • Designed vectoring the goal of infection prevention via secure sealings provided by an elasticized hood, cuffs, and ankles.
  • Additional comfort guaranteed through sleeves with elasticized thumb loops.
  • Zippered interface reinforced with a re-sealable flap to ensure safety against leaks.
  • Seam reinforced barrier, enhancing the protection and reducing the risk of viral penetration.
  • Comprises of a latex-free, non-allergenic and lightweight material for user-friendly interaction.
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Experience Unmatched Safety with the Coverall Protection CatIII Type3b XL

Engineered to provide the ultimate level of protection, the Coverall Protection CatIII Type3b XL is a game-changer in the realm of Biohazard-Protective Suits. Specifically fashioned to serve in EVD patient-isolation units, this single-use suit accentuates prevention and control against viral infection. The high-performance suit brings to the table an exceptional blend of safety, comfort, and practicality, redefining personal protection standards.

Outstanding Features

  • Designed with elasticated hood, cuffs, and ankles ensuring freedom of movement as well as comprehensive coverage
  • Convenience of a re-sealable zipper flap, providing additional protection against leakage through seams
  • Composed of lightweight, antistatic material, treated on both sides for superior performance
  • Passed rigorous tests against viral penetration, executing optimal prevention and control with a minimum pressure of 1.75kPa

Quality & Safety Standards

The Coverall Protection CatIII Type3b XL doesn't just follow the safety standards; it exceeds them. The suit adheres to the European Directive 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment Category III, testifying to its superior quality and effectiveness. It fulfills the EN 14126:2003 infective agent standards, raising the bar for personal protection.

Meeting Performance Requirements ISO Standards

  • EN 340: Keeping check on general requirements
  • EN ISO 17491-3 (EN 463): Ensuring Jet test method
  • EN 14325: Setting Test methods and performance classification
  • ISO 3758: Bringing Textile care symbols to the lexicon
  • EN 12941: Reinforcing Respiratory protective devices with powered filtering devices
  • EN 31092: Determination of physiological properties including thermal and water-vapor resistance

Usage and Post-Use Care

The coverall is designed for a single-use scenario in a biohazard unit. Once used, it should be discarded into a biohazard waste container, ensuring a clean and safe environment

Product Packaging

The suit is individually packaged, offering convenience and the essential product information at a glance.

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