Disposable Counting Chambers For Swift and Accurate Lab Operations

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Enhance your lab’s efficiency with our versatile Disposable Counting Chambers. Designed for high-volume laboratories, they bolster basic diagnostic tasks with key attributes:

  • Composition: Each features ten counting cells made from durable plastic.
  • Usage: Ideal for numerating various bodily fluids, needs a microscope for operation.
  • Packaging: Shipped in sets of 100, promoting workflow efficiency.
  • Product Specifications: Each weighs 0.45kg, with a volume of 0.001m3. The cell depth and volume are 0.1mm and 1.0ul respectively.

A microscope needed for operation is not included.

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Disposable Counting Chambers: The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool for Busy Laboratories

Fuel the engine of your clinical lab with speed, accuracy, and reliability using our Disposable Counting Chambers. These chambers are meticulously engineered to boost productivity and streamline high-volume laboratory operations. A game-changer in the medical field, these counting chambers revolutionize basic diagnostic activities associated with blood, urine, or cerebro-spinal fluid numeration.

Benefits of Disposable Counting Chambers

  • Time-Efficient: Optimised for high-speed manual cell counting, these counting chambers expedite lab operations.
  • High Quality: Built from resilient plastic material, our counting chambers offer unswerving accuracy and durability.
  • Practicable Design: User-friendly and easy to handle with attributes like a cell depth of 0.1mm and a volume of 1.0ul. This ensures smooth and effective operations in even the busiest laboratory conditions.
  • Convenient: Single-use and disposable, these counting chambers significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and obviate the need for routine cleaning routines.
  • Versatile: These chambers are adaptable for a range of diagnostic activities, being ideal for numeration of blood, urine, and cerebro-spinal fluid.

Packaging and Portability

Each pack is thoughtfully designed, containing a hundred counting chambers to ensure high-volume labs have minimal disruptions during operations. Moreover, the lightweight and compact design offers trouble-free storage and transportation, as each unit weighs just 0.45kg and occupies a volume of 0.001m3. Please note, the user needs a microscope for utilizing these chambers, which is not included in the product.

Enrich Your Lab with our Disposable Counting Chambers

Our Disposable Counting Chambers take productivity and efficiency to a new level. Made with quality, convenience, and practicality in mind, they prove to be an indispensable tool in ensuring success in your laboratory operations. Embrace the future of lab diagnostics with our Disposable Counting Chambers and make a difference like no other.

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