500g Non-Sterile Cotton Wool Roll: High-Quality Surgical Grade Cotton Wool for Medical Use

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Product Overview

The 500g Non-Sterile Cotton Wool Roll is a top-class wound care and skin disinfection solution, constructed from 100% purified, bleached, and carded surgical-grade cotton, promising high absorbency and excellent performance.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Materials: Solely consists of surgical-grade cotton.
  • Exceptional Absorbency: Outstanding liquid collection.
  • Handy Presentation: Supplied in an easy-to-use roll format; not pre-cut.
  • Non-sterile: Suitable for numerous non-surgical uses.
  • Single-Use: Promotes hygienic usage.

Usage & Disposal

Designed for single-use in wound dressing and skin disinfection. Ensure proper disposal after use. Used cotton wool to be discarded via controlled incineration.


Store in dry conditions for prime effectiveness.

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The 500g Non-Sterile Cotton Wool Roll is an invaluable addition to any medical set-up. It is known for its high-surgical-grade quality and unmatched absorbency that perfectly assists in wound dressing and skin disinfection. This product is a remarkable blend of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Absorbency: Made from top-tier surgical-grade cotton, this product offers unparalleled absorbency, providing superior moisture management and creating a pristine healing environment.
  • Heavyweight: With a weight of 500g, the cotton wool guarantees long-duration usage, ensuring you always have sufficient supply in times of medical emergencies.
  • Non-Sterile: The non-sterile nature of the product makes it ideal for wound dressing and skin disinfection applications.
  • Roll Presentation: Presented in a roll form, the cotton wool is handy for storage and dispensation as required.
  • Prime Material: The use of 100% purified, bleached, and carded surgical-grade cotton ensures premium-quality, making it safe and trusted for healthcare needs.
  • Single-Use: Designed for single usage, the cotton wool prioritizes hygiene, and eliminates chances of cross-contamination.

Packaging & Labelling

The cotton wool roll is individually packed in plastic bags, ensuring hygienic storage. Detailed labelling provides essential product information.

Instructions for Use & Storage

This product is primarily used for wound dressing and skin disinfection. The single-use nature of it optimizes hygiene and prevents cross-contamination. Store the cotton wool in a dry environment to maintain its superior performance and high absorbency.

Emergency Supply & Disposal

The 500g Non-Sterile Cotton Wool Roll is an essential element of any emergency supply kit. Used cotton wool should be safely incinerated in a controlled environment for proper disposal.

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