High Precision Cooling Circulators | SUNDI-225 Series: Ideal for Industries Requiring Robust Temperature Control

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Cooling Circulators – Precision Temperature Control for B2B Industries | SUNDI-225 Series are expertly crafted for acute temperature regulation in various industries. These circulators

  • Offer Unmatched Accuracy, controlling temperatures from -25 to 200°C.
  • Are Flexible with different models catering to diverse needs.
  • Have a Sophisticated design featuring a built-in PLC controller for stable temperature management.
  • Allow Programmable Control with up to 20 programs, each customizable.
  • Provide Robust Heating, with power ranging from 2.5kW to 15kW.
  • Are Quality Assured, manufactured to meet top-tier standards.

These products do not all have a chemical formula or a CAS number.

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Cooling Circulators - Precision Temperature Control for B2B Industries | SUNDI-225 Series

Introducing the SUNDI-225 series, a unique range of cooling circulators specifically designed to deliver precise temperature control levels for a broad range of applications. Our high-quality systems are carefully engineered for businesses that require ultra-accurate temperature control for their processes.

The SUNDI-225 series consists of a wide array of models such as SUNDI-225, SUNDI-235W, SUNDI-235, SUNDI-255W, SUNDI-255, SUNDI-270W, SUNDI-270, SUNDI-2A10W, SUNDI-2A10, SUNDI-2A15W, and SUNDI-2A15. Each of these cooling circulators features fantastic control over a temperature range of -25°C to 200°C, making them adaptable to a wide array of business needs.

Key Features of The SUNDI-225 Series:

  • Wide Temperature Range: The systems offer a comprehensive range, from -25°C~200°C making them versatile for different industrial needs.
  • Precise Control: Feed-forward PID dynamic control calculation together with a PLC controller offers unmatched control accuracy.
  • Excellent Accuracy: The system maintains fantastic accuracy levels to the tune of ±1°C. This ensures that your industrial processes are always optimal irrespective of the prevailing conditions.
  • Versatile Temperature Feedback: The cooling circulators offer a heat-conducting medium: PT100, and a raw material process: PT100 providing a variety of feedback options.
  • Program Editor: The devices offer a generous provision of 20 programs, with 45 editable steps in each program. This allows users to customize it according to their unique needs.
  • Heating Power Range: The cooling circulators come with varying heating power from 2.5kW to 15kW offering options that can cater to diverse cooling needs.

The SUNDI-225 series not only encapsulates precision but also reliability and efficiency. The cooling circulators are robust and versatile making them an essential part of operations that require extreme temperature control precision. With their wide heating power range, these cooling circulators are versatile enough to cater to a variety of industrial cooling needs.

The SUNDI-225 series is an ideal solution for industries like chemical processes, high-tech manufacturing, and any other industry that requires stringent temperature control.

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