Convoy Package Sat Bottom Entry - Seamless Connectivity and Exceptional Performance

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Improve your communication capabilities with the Convoy Package Sat Bottom Entry designed for superior connection. This kit integrates advanced technology to ensure seamless linkage for devices across diverse verticals. It’s perfect for side-entry applications and offers broad compatibility plus easy installation.

  • Dual Modem 08-07482-001: Sat/Cell SIM Card compatible for continual communication.
  • Cables 08-07447-001 & 08-07471-001: Provide versatility and adaptability for reliable connections.
  • Antenna 15-00329: Optimizes signal reception for robust performance.
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The Convoy Package Sat Bottom Entry is a top-tier Dual Modem Kit renowned for delivering consistent connection and robust performance, even in the most challenging of conditions. This package features the high-performance 08-07482-001 Modem, which relies on a Sat/Cell SIM Card for maintaining seamless, uninterrupted communication regardless of location.

  • 08-07482-001 Modem sets new standards in connectivity with its advanced features and superior performance, promising prime connectivity under any circumstance.
  • The package also comprises the 08-07447-001 Cable, an RFU 15Way connector to Sat/Cell Modem, 2210, establishing a sturdy connection and ensuring uninterrupted data transmission. Exceptionally resilient, this cable has been designed to endure the rigours of industrial environments.
  • Adding flexibility to the package is the 08-07471-001 Cable, compatible with the IDP 782 Sat/Cell Mode and maintaining a reliable interface between your device and the modem. It ensures fluid data transmission without disruptions.
  • Enhancing signal reception is the 15-00329 Antenna, a Sat Bottom Entry antenna inclusive of a 5m Cable that guarantees optimal performance and signal strength irrespective of the location.

The Convoy Package Sat Bottom Entry is designed to be more than just a Dual Modem Kit. It is a testament to uninterrupted connectivity, outstanding performance, and ultimate reliability. Be it in distant locations or difficult environments, this package ensures sustained connection, instilling a sense of confidence to tackle any challenges that emerge. Embrace the assurance of unparalleled connectivity with the Convoy Package Sat Bottom Entry.

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