Premium Quality Anti-Septic Gauze Compress - Single-Use, 6x3 ccm Size | Box Of 100 | Reliable Sterile Solutions for Labs and Healthcare Facilities

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Introducing our Premium Quality Anti-Septic Gauze Compress, a must-have for safe and clean phlebotomy services. Available in a handy 6x3cm size, each box contains 100 single-use units. Key features include:

  • Fabricated with 70% denatured ethanol, useful for hygienic skin preparation
  • Single-use for maintaining optimal hygiene
  • Estimated weight of 0.15kg per compress
  • Recommended for storage in a dry place, away from sunlight with a shelf life of 36 months
  • Transport information: UN number – 3175, Danger Class – 4.1
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Anti-Septic Gauze Compress - Premium Quality, Single-Use, 6x3cm Size | Box Of 100

Experience outstanding performance and optimal hygiene with our premium quality Anti-Septic Gauze Compress. Each box contains 100 single-use gauze compresses, imbued with about 1ml of 70% denaturized ethanol for efficient anti-septic performance. Designed for exceptional reliability and safety, it's ideal for your healthcare and laboratory needs.

Product Features

  • High-quality Material: Made to offer superior wound protection and healing, reducing the risk of infection and promoting the natural healing process.
  • Size: Each compress is 6x3 cm in size, providing adequate coverage for routine procedures.
  • Efficient Anti-septic Performance: Each gauze is imbued with 1ml of 70% denaturized ethanol, ensuring proper sterilization for skin prepping or sample collection procedures.
  • Durable: Offers a 36-month shelf life post-manufacturing and requires no special storage conditions. Ensure it's kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a dry place.
  • Convenient Packaging: This product is packaged in a compact box for easy storage and transportation. Each box contains 100 single-use anti-septic gauze compresses.

Practical Uses

This product is perfect for use before procedures requiring an aseptic environment, such as phlebotomy. It's especially suited for clinics, hospitals, and laboratories.

Transportation Information

UN Number: 3175, Danger Class: 4.1, Packing Group II, and Proper Shipping Name: Solids containing flammable liquid (isopropanol). Each box weighs approximately 0.15 kg, and the estimated volume is 0.001 m³.

Directions For Use

Use each gauze compress as needed for proper sterilization during sample collection or skin prep procedures. Single-use only. Ensure proper disposal after use.

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