Colorimeter dgt Pocket: Revolutionary Chlorine Detection Solution

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Amazing Colorimeter dgt Pocket: The Revolutionary Chlorine Detection Solution

This portable, robust chlorine detection device features stellar precision and splendid utility. The top-choice in diverse water sources chlorine monitoring.

  • Efficiency: Offers accurate measurements adjustable from 0-2 mg/L for both free and total Chlorine.
  • Usability: Compact and light, yet robust, with built-in filter photometer for quick chlorine calibration.
  • Convenience: Operates on standard AAA alkaline batteries for continuous and hassle-free use.
  • Exceptional Precision: Employs DPD No.1 and No.4 tablets to yield a resolution of 0.01 mg/L, promising unsurpassed measurement accuracy.
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Amazing Colorimeter dgt Pocket: The Revolutionary Chlorine Detection Solution

Experience superior precision, exceptional performance, and unprecedented water quality control with the Colorimeter dgt Pocket - the quintessential chlorine detection solution. This compact yet potent tool enhances the efficiency and accuracy of water testing tasks by offering a groundbreaking solution to measure chlorine levels in different types of water resources.

Optimal Chlorine Detection

This innovative water management tool is specially designed to ensure flawless operation in determining chlorine levels across freshwater, wastewater, and seawater environments. With a remarkable resolution rate of 0.01 mg per liter, you can conduct intensive water analysis with an unrivaled robustness.

Durability and Functionality

Experience the perfect blend of durability and functionality with this device. Its superior Liquid Crystal Digital Display (LCD) setup delivers precise concentration readouts, eliminating human errors. What's more, it can measure chlorine levels within a range of 0 to 2 mg/L.

Key Features

  • Digital Display: Provides precision with its superior LCD setup, ensuring flawless concentration readouts.
  • Pre-set Calibration: Delivers steadfast Chlorine detection via the pre-loaded DPD method.
  • User-friendly Design: Offers simple usability, complemented by an all-inclusive user manual for a seamless operation.
  • Extended Battery Life: The device runs on four AAA alkaline batteries, granting sustained operation without an external power supply.
  • Versatility: The tool includes an additional test range of 0-5 mg/L, accommodating a wider range of water testing operations.
  • Comprehensive Test Kit: Comes with a complete kit, with DPD No.1 and DPD No.4 tablets capable of conducting 100 tests.

Simplify your water management and testing tasks by integrating the Colorimeter dgt Pocket into your routine operations. Harness the capabilities of this advanced chlorine detection tool for superior water quality control.

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