Cold Box RCW 25/CF: Premium Long-Range Vaccine Storage Solution | High-Volume Vaccine Transport

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Cold Box RCW 25/CF is an exceptional long-range vaccine storage solution. Specifically designed with a 20-litre storage capacity for safe vaccine holding. It achieves optimum temperature maintenance for a prolonged 134.6 hours even at extreme condition of 43°C. Transport is simplified with its handy design featuring handles and a hinged lid. With a total loaded weight of 38.9 Kg, the cooling duration is extended by its capacity to accommodate 24 x 0.6L icepacks. Assuring you of its indisputable quality, the Cold Box offers a 2-year replacement warranty.

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Cold Box RCW 25/CF: High-Performance Vaccine Storage for Ensuring Health Safety

Presenting the Cold Box RCW 25/CF, a ground-breaking solution in vaccine preservation geared towards health and immunization initiatives. It sets the benchmark in medical transport devices with its remarkable resilience, state-of-the-art attributes, extended cold-life, and significant storage volume.

Innovative Elements and Advantages

  • A generous 20-litre ice storage capability facilitates the secure storage and transference of great volumes of vaccines.
  • A formidable 134.6-hour cold life at 43-degree Celsius maintains vaccines within safe temperature brackets for extended durations.
  • Includes 24 units of 0.6L ice packs, delivering the requisite cooling influence for long-haul transport.
  • Equipped with a sturdy hinged cover and robust transport handles, making transportation hassle-free.
  • Despite being fully loaded and weighing 38.9 Kg, moving this Cold Box around is easily manageable for transport staff.
  • Obliging two-year replacement warranty allowing risk-free purchase for buyers.

Specifications and Packing Particulars

The Cold Box RCW 25/CF sports exterior measurements of 71 x 55 x 49.9 cm, while the interior spans 49.6 x 33.4 x 26.4 cm. Each box is meticulously packed within a double-wall carton, guaranteeing the product's safe delivery.

The packaging weighs a manageable 23 kg, with a compact shipping volume of 0.22 cubic meters conforming to efficient space optimization norms. The box also features a comprehensive guide aiding in maintaining cold life and the correct method of vaccine handling.

The Cold Box is engineered for bulk shipment, with a 20-foot container comfortably housing up to 128 units. A larger 40-foot container can fit up to 256 units, effectively catering to large-volume demands.

With its top-of-the-range features, roomy storage size, and durable cold life, the Cold Box RCW 25/CF indisputably presents itself as the ultimate device for large-scale immunization drives, thereby making substantial contributions towards public health.

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