Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 - The Ultimate Vaccine Storage & Transportation Solution

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The Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 is your ultimate vaccine storage solution. Expertly designed for optimal efficiency, it features:

  • Exceptional Performance: Maintains effectiveness under extreme temperatures, up to 43u00b0C, preserving vaccine potency while in transit.
  • Practical Design: Its hinged lid and handles offer easy portability, making it ideal for field operations.
  • Effective Cooling: Comes with 14 x 0.6L standard icepacks for consistent temperature management.
  • Sturdy Packaging: Shipped in a double-wall carton for maximum protection during transportation.
  • Two-Year Replacement Warranty: Gives users confidence in long-term reliability and service.

Opt for Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 for all your vaccine transport and storage needs.

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Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12: A Pioneering Vaccine Storage Solution

The Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 by PQS E004/004 is a revolutionary addition to the vaccine preservation and transportation market. This technologically advanced cold box is innovatively designed to ensure optimal vaccine efficacy even in extreme conditions, offering consistency and reliability in vaccine protection wherever and whenever it's needed.

Key Features:

  • Durability and Longevity: The RCW12 exhibits remarkable resilience even under high temperatures of 43u00b0C, maintaining superior performance for an impressive 114.9 hours. It guarantees consistent vaccine protection under changing external circumstances.
  • Convenient Transportation: User-friendly design features such as a hinged lid and easy-to-grip carry handles make the RCW12 a handy tool for seamless immunization operations. This feature helps in minimizing temperature variations during transit, ensuring the safety of vaccine efficacy.
  • Spacious and Secure Storage: Furnished with 14 standard ice packs of 0.6L each, the RCW12 provides an ideal environment for the safekeeping and transportation of vaccines within optimal temperature parameters. Offering a capacity of 7 liters in a compact size, this cold box is both space-efficient and spacious.
  • Customer-centric Approach: Each RCW12 model comes with a two-year replacement warranty. Any defects in design, materials, or workmanship will be addressed promptly, demonstrating our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Economical & Secure Shipment: Shipped with double-wall carton boxes for safe delivery and easy handling, the shipping weight of the RCW12 is a comfortable 17 kg. It can accommodate up to 192 units in a 20' container, and up to 384 units in a 40' container when palletized.

Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 is the prime choice for effective vaccine storage and transportation. Invest in the Compact Long-Range Cold Box RCW12 today, and help ensure safe and reliable vaccine distribution, no matter where you are.

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