Nilkamal RCB 264SL Cold Box - Advanced Vaccine Transportation Solution

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Nilkamal RCB 264SL Cold Box – A premium, compact solution designed specifically for efficient vaccine transportation. Key features include:



  • Long-range cold storage: Has a capacity of 6 litres, and provides a cold life at 43°C of 106 hours without opening, ensuring safe vaccine transportation.
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  • Incorporated extras: Equipped with a hinged lid, carrying handles, and 26 x 0.4 litre icepacks.
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  • Compact and secure packaging: Its external dimensions are 65 x 53 x 46 cm, weighing 16 kg and delivered in a double wall carton.
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  • Reliable: Comes with the assurance of a two-year replacement warranty.
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The Nilkamal RCB 264SL Cold Box is a revolutionary product conceptualized to bolster your vaccination endeavors. With its advanced technology, it ensures a safe and temperature-regulated environment for vaccine transit, thus safeguarding the efficacy of vaccines during lengthy transportation.

Despite its compact dimensions (65x53x46 cm), the product boasts an impressive internal capacity (40x27.8x20 cm) accommodating up to 6 litres of vaccines. One of its highlights is its ability to maintain a sub-zero environment up to 106 hours at 43u00b0C, a feature that makes it an invaluable asset for sophisticated immunization procedures in various climatic conditions.

  • Long-Range Capability: The RCB 264SL is particularly designed for long-range, temperature-sensitive transportation. Whether it’s a scorching desert or a bustling urban environment, it can endure external high temperatures while maintaining its chilled interior, thereby ensuring the vaccines remain potent and effective.
  • User-friendly Design: Primed for convenience with a hinged lid and comfortable handles, this cold box also comes with 26 x 0.4 litre ice packs. These facilitate a consistently low temperature, further preserving the quality of the vaccines.
  • Durable and Practical: Dispatched in a double-wall carton pack to uphold its pristine condition, the 16 kg box also has a volume of 0.17 cbm, making it practical for fieldwork and isolated areas.
  • Customer-Friendly Warranty: To boost customer confidence and assure service quality, the product comes with a promising two-year replacement warranty covering design, materials, or workmanship related issues.

Whether you represent an NGO or a healthcare institution, the Nilkamal RCB 264SL stands as a comprehensive solution for vaccine transportation, resolving logistical challenges and ensuring efficiency in vaccine delivery.

Order your Nilkamal RCB 264SL Cold Box now and elevate vaccine distribution quality, contributing to a robust and efficient immunization program.

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