Advanced Vaccine Storage - Long-Range Cold Box CB-12-CF

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Meet the Small, Long-Range Cold Box CB-12-CF – an innovative tool for secure vaccine storage and transfer. Key attributes:

  • 12-Litre Capacity: Suitable for storing considerable quantity of vaccines.
  • Prolonged Cold Life: Guarantees durable 156-hour cold life at 43°C, safeguarding vaccine efficacy.
  • Functional Design: Equipped with hinged lids and built-in handles for effortless transportation.
  • Inclusive of Ice Packs: Supplied with 42 standard 0.4L ice packs.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, this product circumscribes detailed instructions but doesn’t possess a chemical formula or CAS number being a storage solution and not a chemical.

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Introducing the Small, Long-Range Cold Box CB-12-CF, a revolutionized solution for efficient storage and transportation of vaccines. It ensures maximum preservation of temperature-sensitive medications and plays a crucial role in promoting overall community health and safety. Discover an advanced vaccine storage solution that offers durability, reliability, and sustained performance.

  • Offers superior cold life up to 156 hours at 43u00b0C, ensuring excellent control over the stored vaccines' temperature. This feature contributes to maintaining the quality and efficiency of the vaccines for extended periods.
  • Despite its compact size, efficiently accommodates up to 12 litres of vaccines, proving ideal for healthcare facilities varying from small clinics to large immunization drives, thereby catering to diverse health environments.
  • Comes equipped with 42 x 0.4L ice packs. They play an integral role in consistent cooling, enhancing the box's overall performance and longevity.
  • Evincing a sturdy and durable design, it incorporates a hinged lid and ergonomic handles for ease of handling and transportation, inevitably enhancing operational performance.
  • Its precise external measurements are 61 x 60 x 56 cm, and the corresponding internal dimensions are 34 x 33 x 34.8 cm, making it capable of accommodating a substantial volume of vaccines within its compact structure.
  • Optimized for logistics, it has a capacity to house 108 units per 20' container, or 216 units per 40' container, reducing overall transportation costs and contributing to efficient logistics management.
  • Offers a reliable two-year replacement warranty that attests to our belief in the product's enduring quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Opt for the Small, Long-Range Cold Box CB-12-CF for a superior vaccine storage and distribution experience. Rely on a solution that assures durability, reliability, and efficiency in vaccinations management.

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