B.Kings CB/55-CF Cold Box: Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

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Discover B.Kings CB/55-CF Cold Box, the premium solution dedicated for secure vaccine transport. This robust system is especially recommended for immunization initiatives, offering:

  • Capacity: Offers 7 litres of storage volume for vaccine vials, ensuring ample space.
  • Efficient Cooling: Guarantees 89 hours of cooling at 43u00b0C, maintaining the vital integrity of vaccines.
  • Portable Design: Compact anatomy ideal for short-range transport, equipped with a hinged lid, handling grips, and 24 standard 0.4L ice packs.

Shipments made in a protective double-walled carton, inclusive of a comprehensive 2-year replacement warranty.

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B.Kings CB/55-CF Cold Box: Reinventing Vaccine Transportation and Storage

Heading distribution and delivery with the groundbreaking B.Kings CB/55-CF Cold Box. This elite vaccine transportation solution sets the gold standard for safety, efficacy, and precise temperature control, ensuring the preservation of vaccine potency in transit.

Incomparable Storage Features

  • Despite its compact exterior, the B.Kings CB/55-CF Cold Box boasts an exceptional 7-liter storage capacity.
  • A remarkable cold life of 89 hours at a high temperature of 43°C without opening, setting it apart in vaccine preservation.
  • Comprehensive 7L storage space ensures abundant room for vaccine accommodation.

Superior Design

  • Portable and exceptionally efficient design, purpose-built for local distribution.
  • Equipped with convenient carrying handles and a sturdy hinged lid for easy handling.
  • Comes packaged in a protective double-wall carton, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Value-Added Features

  • Supplied with 24 x 0.4L ice packs to extend cold life of the box.
  • Offers a comprehensive guide on vaccine storage for correct usage.

Reliable Warranty

Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty ensuring every part of the design, material, and workmanship giving you the assurance your vaccine distribution requires.

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