Apex AICB-503 L Cold Box: Unbeatable Vaccine Storage & Transit Solution

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The Apex AICB-503 L Cold Box is an advanced solution for vaccine storage and transportation. Its key features include:

  • Capacity: Spacious 22.5 litres, designed for large volumes of vaccines.
  • Temperature Retention: Can retain cold temperatures for up to 128 hours and 16 minutes at 43°C, making it ideal for long journeys.
  • Additional Tools: Comes with 50 x 0.3L ice packs for effective temperature control.
  • Delivery: Safely secured in a double-wall carton design for risk-free transit.
  • Warranty: Offers 2-year replacement warranty for assured quality and longevity.
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Apex AICB-503 L Cold Box: The Gold Standard in Vaccine Preservation and Transit

The Apex AICB-503 L Cold Box emerges as the epitome of high-quality cold storage solutions in the world of medical logistics. Its robust features lend themselves to effective vaccine transportation and storage, ensuring the preservation of vaccine integrity, efficacy, and longevity, even in the most challenging external conditions.

  • The cold box boasts an ergonomic hinged lid and functional handles, ensuring ease of use and efficient handling.
  • Its capacious interior with a capacity of 22.5 liters allows for large-scale vaccine storage, making it an ideal solution for broad-spectrum operations.
  • Featuring impressive cold life of 128 hours 16 minutes at 43°C, this appliance ensures vaccines remain within their safe temperature range, effectively preserving their efficacy for extended periods.
  • Consisting of 50 standard 0.3L ice packs, the Apex AICB-503 L provides a stable temperature environment critical for maintaining the potency of stored vaccines.
  • Despite its loaded weight of 48.02 Kg, it skillfully balances capacity and portability, making it an ideal option for long-distance vaccine delivery.
  • The superlative function and the quality of this cold box is validated by its PQS ref. E004/031.
  • Its pragmatic design maximizes storage space without unnecessary bulk, boasting external dimensions of 76.5x61.2x51.5 cm and internal dimensions of 51.8x37x27.7 cm.
  • For added protection, the box is shipped in a double-walled carton, guaranteeing safe delivery.
  • To ensure peace of mind, the Apex AICB-503 L comes with a two-year replacement warranty covering any component failure arising from design flaws or material deficiencies.

The Apex AICB-503 L Cold Box is the trusted companion for your vaccine distribution operations. The consistent adherence to storage instructions will significantly enhance the performance of this powerhouse appliance. Rely on Apex AICB-503 L for superior cold storage that elevates your medical logistics performance.

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