Apex AICB-156 L Cold Box | Efficient Vaccine Cold Storage Solution

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Apex AICB-156 L Cold Box – An Ultimate Vaccine Storage and Transportation Solution. Ideal for mass immunization campaigns with its capacity of 5.5 litres. Its compact design ensures portability and it guarantees long-lasting cooling up to 107.5 hours at 43°C for secure vaccine transit. Assured robustness with a two-year warranty against components’ failure. Prominent attributes include:

  • High-capacity: A 5.5 Liters storage volume perfect for large-scale vaccination.
  • Compact: External dimensions of 54 x 44.5 x 41.5 cm and internal 35 x 28 x 24 cm allows easy transportation.
  • Long-lasting cooling: Provides cooling for up to 107.5 hours at 43°C, ensuring the safety of vaccines in transit.
  • Warranty: Comes with a two-year warranty against parts failure, ensuring reliability.
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Apex AICB-156 L Cold Box: A Revolution in Vaccine Cold Storage

Introducing the Apex AICB-156 L Cold Box, a pinnacle of innovation in vaccine logistics. This outstanding vaccine storage solution stands out with its superb quality and efficiency, ensuring robustness, easy transportation, and advanced cooling technology. It guarantees safe and effective storage of vaccines even in extreme weather conditions or remote sites.

Power-Packed Features & Superior Functionality

  • Substantial Storage: With a compact footprint, the AICB-156 L Cold box surprises with a generous 5.5-litre storage capacity. This voluminous storage meets rigorous vaccine requirements, keeping vaccines readily available whenever needed.
  • Extended Cold Life: The cold box champions an impressive cold life, enduring up to 107.5 hours at a 43°C temperature with zero openings. This critical feature retains vaccine potency in challenging climates.
  • User-Friendly Design: Thoughtfully crafted, this cold box integrates a hinge-style lid for effortless access and integrated handles for convenient mobility. It includes 15 x 0.6L ice packs as standard for optimal cooling.
  • Shipping Efficiency: With a shipping weight of 13.7 kg and a volume of 0.11 cbm, this cold box delivers efficient storage and transportation. Its optimized shipping allows for a maximum load of 520 units in a non-palletized 40' container, promoting cost-effectiveness for substantial consignments.
  • Comprehensive Kit and Warranty: The cold box package comes with a robust double-wall carton for extra packaging security, an all-inclusive manual to guide best vaccine storage and transportation practices, backed with a proactive two-year replacement warranty highlighting our commitment to quality assurance.

Technical Details

  • Model: AICB-156L
  • Vaccine storage volume: 5.5 litres
  • Reference: PQS E004/045
  • Cold capacity at 43°C with zero openings: 107.5 hours
  • External dimensions (LxWxH cm): 54 x 44.5 x 41.5
  • Internal Dimensions(LxWxH cm): 35 x 28 x 24

Invest in the Apex AICB-156 L Cold Box today to ensure an efficient, reliable solution for vaccine storage and transportation, contributing towards the critical mission of preserving lives.

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