ACB-264SL Cold Box: Quality Vaccine Storage & Transport System

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Product: ACB-264SL Cold Box — A WHO PQS E004/023 certified, compact, superior vaccine storage system ideal for moving immunological substances. It has a 6-litre capacity and can maintain cool temperatures for 132 hours even in temperatures up to 43°C. Including 26 standard ice packs, its dimensions (External: 62.40 x 50.20 x 42.60 cm, Internal: 40.30 x 28.20 x 21.10 cm) optimize space usage. With a weight of just 16kg and volume of 0.16 cbm, it is light and easy to transport. The product comes with a two-year replacement warranty.

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ACB-264SL Cold Box: Your Comprehensive Vaccine Preservation Ally

The ACB-264SL Cold Box is a sophisticated tool, revolutionising the realm of vaccine storage and transport. Ensuring vaccines' potency, even in harshest conditions, ACB-264SL emerges as a resilient safeguard aiding global mass vaccination initiatives.

Unrivalled Storage Efficacy:

  • Advanced cooling mechanism retains ideal temperatures for prolonged periods, protecting vaccines from temperature spikes.
  • Exceptional storage duration of 132 hours and 18 minutes at extreme temperatures of 43u00b0C, outperforms traditional storage systems.

Versatility Redefined:

  • Equipped with an easy-to-access hinged lid, ensuring hassle-free handling.
  • Vast storage capacity accommodates sizable quantities, facilitating larger vaccination programs.
  • Includes 26 x 0.4 litre ice packs, completing your vaccine preservation needs.

Robust and Reliable:

  • Unyielding construction guarantees its longevity, holding steadfast in challenging environment conditions.
  • Recognised with WHO PQS E004/023 certification, endorsing its stringent safety and quality adherence.


  • External: 62.40 x 50.20 x 42.60 cm.
  • Internal: 40.30 x 28.20 x 21.10 cm.
  • Perfectly utilised space ensures portability without compromising storage capacity.

Assured Peace of Mind:

  • Comes with a generous 2-year replacement warranty, covering malfunctions due to deficient design, materials, or craftsmanship.

With the ACB-264SL Cold Box, experience the luxury of fuss-free, reliable vaccine storage and transportation. Enhance your immunisation efforts with this comprehensive and robust solution.

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