ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box - Your Reliable Companion for Vaccine Storage

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ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box – A high-performing and precise solution for long-term vaccine storage. Primarily recommended for healthcare and research laboratories.

  • Vaccine Storage Capacity: Ideal for holding up to 5.4 litres
  • Cooling Duration: Maintains conditions for up to 35 days at 43°C
  • Coolant-Pack: Includes 8 units of 1L each
  • Standard Compliance: Aligns with reputable international norms for safe storage
  • Thermometer: Available in battery and solar-powered variants
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty for added assurance

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ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box - The Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

Designed to guarantee reliable, long-term storage and transportation of vaccines, the ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box blends robust performance, excellent safety features, and user-friendly operation. It establishes itself as the preferred choice for healthcare professionals globally, delivering unmatched quality and functionality.

Optimum Storage Capacity and Extended Cold Life

The ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box boasts a substantial storage capacity of 5.4 litres, sufficient to accommodate significant vaccine quantities. Its game-changing feature, however, is the unparalleled cold life of 35 days at a temperature of 43°C. This assures consistent temperature control, eliminating the need for repeated freezing. The package includes 8 x 1L coolant packs for precision temperature management.

Rugged Design and Stringent Compliance

Constructed using heavy-duty materials, the ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box surpasses global standards for refrigeration equipment. Stringently designed and tested, it incorporates all key international quality and performance guidelines, truely making it a globally trusted product.

Enhanced Functionality

The ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box also comes equipped with a unique battery or photovoltaic-powered thermometer, promising a service life up to 5 years at 32°C. This feature offers seamless temperature tracking capabilities, with an additional set of ice packs recommended for superior performance.

Matchless Support and Secured Shipping

ARKTEK offers a comprehensive two-year replacement warranty for the Cold Box, covering any component failures due to defective design, materials, or workmanship. We assure safe transportation with each Cold Box packed in a secure double-wall carton.

Why ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box?

  • Durable and strong design, perfect for healthcare applications.
  • Impressive 35-day cold life at 43°C without the need for extra freezing.
  • Battery or photovoltaic-powered thermometer for efficient tracking.
  • Adherence to stringent international norms for quality and performance.
  • All-inclusive two-year replacement warranty.

To summarize, the ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box stands as much more than just a product. It represents commitment to superior healthcare delivery, striking the right balance between efficiency, dependability and sturdiness. Investing in the ARKTEK-YBC-5 Cold Box means investing in optimal vaccine storage.

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