Extra Large White Woven Medical Coat - Comfortable Unisex Medical Professional Wear

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The Unisex, Extra Large (XL) White Woven Medical Coat blends comfort and practicality. Engineered with either a polyester/cotton blend or pure 100% cotton fabric, it wears light, weighing between 175-240g/m2. This knee-length, chlorine-resistant coat has long sleeves, a notched lapel collar, and a front snap or buttoned enclosure, which offers an ideal fit for everyone. Storage isn’t an issue, with two patch pockets and a chest pocket. Its machine-washability and reusability ensure lasting use, proving it’s not only comfortable, but also cost-effective.

  • Material: Polyester/Cotton blend or pure Cotton
  • Weight: 175-240g/m=2
  • Color: White
  • Key Features:
    • Durability: Chlorine-resistant, reusable, and machine washable
    • Design: Unisex, long sleeves, notched lapel collar, and front snap or button closure
    • Storage: Two patch and one chest pocket
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Our Extra Large (XL) White Woven Medical Coat is a meticulously designed piece of professional wear for healthcare professionals. It's designed to comfortably accommodate both male and female professionals while ensuring an excellent fit. This unisex medical coat provides the coverage, comfort, and adaptability you need for a high-paced medical environment.

Constructed from superior material blends such as 50% cotton and 50% polyester, 65% polyester and 35% cotton, 67% polyester and 33% cotton, or 100% cotton, the XL White Woven Medical Coat strikes the perfect balance between durability, breathability, and comfort. Designed to be worn throughout the day, it's the perfect addition to your professional wardrobe.

Key features of the Extra Large White Woven Medical Coat include:

  • Unisex design: Specially tailored to cater to both males and females, this long-sleeved coat exudes professionalism.
  • Style: The notched lapel collar enhances the overall professional look.
  • Convenience: Snap or button front closure makes donning and doffing simple and quick.
  • Storage: Ample storage is provided with the two spacious patch pockets and a chest pocket. Perfect for carrying medical or personal essentials.
  • Quality: The fabric weight ranges from 175 - 240 grams/m2, promising robustness without compromising comfort.
  • Durability: Chlorine-resistant (0.1%) and easily washable, this coat requires minimal care and maintenance.
  • Coverage: The mid-thigh length ensures adequate coverage, thus increasing safety during professional use.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of medical setups, enhancing its usability.

Each Extra Large White Woven Medical Coat is individually packaged in a plastic bag to ensure cleanliness upon delivery. This coat is designed to be worn over clothing, making it a versatile piece for various medical settings. To maintain the coat's condition and longevity, we recommend disinfecting, washing, and ironing it after each use.

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