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The DPD No. 3 Chlorine Test Tablets offer superior, swift, and accurate readings of chlorine levels in drinking water – a boon for non-electrical testing methods. Ideal for use with block and disc comparators.

  • Efficacy: Rapid result mechanism enhances testing efficiency
  • Compatibility: Designed for visual comparators only, not suitable with colorimeters and photometers
  • Longevity: Exceptional shelf-life of up to a decade ensures long-lasting chlorine testing provisions
  • Application: Perfect solution for non-electrical drinking water chlorine surveillance
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DPD No.3 Chlorine Test Tablets: Unrivaled Performance for Accurate Drinking Water Chlorine Tests

Ensure water purity and safety with our premium-grade DPD No. 3 Chlorine Test Tablets. Developed using cutting-edge technology and aligned with the highest standards, these tablets are formulated for precise detection of combined chlorine in a wide range of potable water systems.

Key Features:

  • DPD No.3 Technology Integration: Offers unparalleled efficiency in identifying combined chlorine levels.
  • Rapid Dissolution: Swift disintegration for immediate test results, supporting streamlined workflows.
  • Compatibility: Seamlessly works with visual block/disc comparators, providing an easy and effective testing mechanism.
  • Specialized Formulation: Exclusively designed for testing combined chlorine concentration in drinking water, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Broad Testing Range: Capable of testing chlorine concentrations from 0-10 mg/L, offering a comprehensive examination for varying levels of water purity.
  • Prolonged Shelf Life: Sustains up to 10 years, delivering enduring usability and exceptional value.
  • High-quality Packaging: The package includes a total of 250 robust tablets for extensive and efficient use.

Versatile Use and Applications:

Our DPD No. 3 tablets are strategically designed to react with samples containing DPD No. 1, accurately and meticulously determining chlorine levels by detaching the free available chlorine from the total chlorine. With excellent compatibility with non-digital visual block or disc comparators, they serve as the perfect solution for monitoring chlorine levels in potable water systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 65g
  • Product Volume: 120 cc

Noteworthy Information:

These effervescent tablets may not operate optimally with digital photometers or colorimeters. We also accommodate diverse testing requirements by offering the product in sachet-packed powder form and bottled strips.

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