DPD No.1 Chlorine Test Tablets: Reliable & Accurate Free Chlorine Testing Solution

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DPD No.1 Chlorine Test Tablets – Reliable and Accurate Testing Solution for Free Chlorine

  • Premium grade tablets ideal for prompt and precise free chlorine testing in numerous solutions.
  • Extended shelf life of an impressive 10 years ensures a long-lasting supply with each pack containing 250 tablets.
  • High degree of accuracy maintained in detection of levels from 0 to 10 mg/l.
  • Each bottle has a generous volume of 120ccm and a convenient weight of 65g.
  • Perfectly compatible with Visual Block/Disc Comparators.
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DPD No.1 Chlorine Test Tablets: A High-Precision, Quick-Dissolving Solution for Free Chlorine Testing

As a paramount product in the realm of chlorine evaluation, our DPD No.1 Chlorine Test Tablets deliver remarkable consistency and dependability. Ideal for the testing of drinking water, these tablets are acclaimed for their rapid dissolution and extensive, precise evaluation of free chlorine levels. A specialized formulation of DPD No. 1 conforms to stringent standards of quality and effectiveness, ensuring comprehensive chlorine analysis.

Featuring a broad testing spectrum ranging from 0 to 10 mg/litre, our Chlorine Test Tablets are expertly crafted to measure standard chlorine concentrations in drinking water. The tablets are as reliable over time as they are upon purchase, boasting a tremendous shelf life of 10 years. This durability allows their testing properties to be preserved over prolonged durations, confirming a sustainable solution.

  • Fast-Acting Dissolution: The superior DPD No. 1 formulation utilized in our tablets facilitates a swift dissolution process and highly effective free chlorine testing.
  • In-depth Analysis: Our tablets cater to a broad testing range of 0 to 10 mg/litre, specifically calibrated to the regular chlorine levels found in drinking water.
  • Stand the Test of Time: Enjoy a remarkably long shelf life of 10 years, ensuring quality and efficacy are maintained over extended periods.
  • Bountiful Pack: Each pack comprises 250 excellently packaged tablets, providing a generous provision for regular use.
  • Multi-Purpose Usability: Intended for use in mechanical, non-electrical comparators, the tablets are not compatible with Digital Colorimeters or Photometers, offering flexibility in testing methods.
  • Diversity in Format: To address a variety of testing needs, we offer our product in several forms, including powders and strips.

With DPD No.1 Chlorine Test Tablets, rest assured that you are investing in both the safety of your drinking water and the health of your family. Our tablets represent a gold standard of accuracy, efficiency, and comprehensive free chlorine testing. Choose our top-tier testing tablets today and safeguard your well-being.

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