Portable Chlorine Test Kit: Accurate On-The-Go Drinking Water Analysis Solution

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Ensure safe and ideal water conditions with the Portable Chlorine Test Kit. This extensive kit provides an accurate study of residual chlorine and pH levels for detailed water quality scrutiny. Key features include:

  • Precise Chlorine Testing: Assesses Free, Combined, and Total Chlorine within 0-4.0 mg/l range using DPD 1 tablets.
  • Detective pH Analysis: Determines pH scale of water in 6.5-8.4 range using Phenol Red tablets.
  • Easy Portability: Compact size and lightweight nature make it suitable for on-the-go field testing.
  • All-inclusive Testing Kit: Comes with comparator, cells, discs, and stirring rod fitted in a durable case.

The Portable Chlorine Test Kit—a vital tool for a comprehensive water quality examination.

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Experience Unmatched Water Quality Analysis with the Portable Chlorine Test Kit

Ensure the safety of your drinking water wherever you go with our meticulously designed Portable Chlorine Test Kit. This hassle-free combination of precision and portability is crafted to deliver the crucial details about your water quality in an accurate and manageable manner.

Unparalleled Features:

  • Designed with a compact structure that weighs merely 240g, perfect for on-the-move testing.
  • A comprehensive colorimetric analysis system implemented for reliable and accurate measurements.
  • The kit's capability extends to measure Free, Total, and Combined Chlorine levels, along with pH.
  • Provides a broad measurement range for Chlorine (0-4.0 mg/l), making it suitable for testing various water types.
  • pH range spans 6.5-8.4, ideal for drinking water analysis.
  • The condensed volume of the kit (250ccm) further enhances its portability.

A Comprehensive Package for Easy and Accurate Water Testing:

Our Portable Chlorine Test Kit is an all-inclusive solution that ensures a smooth water testing process:

  • It has a comparator, reagents that can be used for a minimum of 30 tests, discs, cells, and a stirring rod.
  • The kit is supplied with user-friendly instructions for a seamless operation.
  • The kit is packed inside a durable plastic case that ensures longevity and secure transportation.

Benefit from the effectiveness of the Colour Disc Comparator that allows an exact judgment of Free Chlorine levels in drinking water using DPD 1 tablets. It also measures pH with the help of Phenol Red tablets. Widen the scope of water quality parameters using the corresponding color disc and reagents.

Choose our Portable Chlorine Test Kit as your dependable companion for water quality analysis that is accurate, portable, and effortless. Take a step towards healthier hydration today.

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