High-Quality Chlorine NaDCC Granules for Superior Water Purification

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High-Quality Chlorine NaDCC Granules for Superior Water Purification

Purify your water with top-rated Chlorine NaDCC granules, ensuring safety with a substantial 56% available Chlorine content. Perfect for eliminating biological impurities and delivering clean, drinkable water.

  • Potent Chlorine Content: Guarantees sanitation with a high 56% available Chlorine.
  • Packaging: We offer 25kg drums, facilitating effective storage and distribution.
  • Durability: Comes with an excellent 3-year shelf life, delivering consistent performance over time.
  • Easy Usage: To achieve a 1% Chlorine solution, dissolve 20g granules in one litre of water and wait for 30 minutes before use.
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Chlorine NaDCC Granules: A Modern Solution for Superior Water Purification

Our Chlorine NaDCC Granules provide a robust solution for water purification. Composed of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC), these granules offer a powerful release of chlorine, ensuring excellent elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, and waterborne pathogens. Packaged securely in a 25kg resealable drum, this product offers consistent performance throughout its impressive three-year shelf life.

High-Quality Chlorine NaDCC Granules: Optimal Composition with Maximum Efficacy

  • NaDCC-based formula promotes efficient chlorine release, contributing to significant disinfection capabilities.
  • Exhibits powerful bactericidal, virucidal, and parasiticidal properties for safe, drinkable water.

Guaranteed Quality: Unrivaled Shelf Life, and Strict Compliance with International Standards

  • Able to retain potency over an extended 3-year shelf life.
  • Verifier compliance with international safety standards including NSF/ANSI 60 and EN 12931:2015 ensures the product's surpassing quality and effectiveness.

Safe, Reliable, and Durable Packaging

  • Sturdy 25kg resealable drum enables safe transport and long-term storage in diverse conditions.
  • Suggested storage in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight to maintain product potency.
  • Resealable design keeps product fresh and potent, even after opening.

User-friendly and Versatile: Simple Usage Directions for a Clean, Safe Water Supply

  • Simple instructions: dissolve 20g of NaDCC granules in 1 liter of water no chlorine solution of 1% concentration.
  • Requires just 30 minutes of contact time for complete water purification.
  • Scalable for different volumes of water, ensuring broad versatility for various needs.
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