DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Photo Tablets for Precision and Accuracy

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Meet the DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Photo Tablets, an industry standard for accurate total chlorine concentration calculations. They are crucial in fields like water analysis and pharmaceuticals due to their consistent results.

  • Accuracy Assured: Precision within a chlorine spectrum of 0 to 10 mg/litre.
  • Versatile: Suitable for use with both Colorimeter/Photometer and Visual Block/Disc Comparators.
  • Durable: Boasts an impressive 10-year shelf life.
  • Bulk Pack: Each pack contains 250 tablets, each weighing 65g and with a volume of 120ccm for long-term application.
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Comprehensive Chlorine Detection with DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Photo Tablets

Enhance your laboratory's analytical capabilities with the power of precision - the DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Photo Tablets. Designed for top-tier accuracy, speed, and regulatory compliance, these tablets are pivotal in the quantification of total chlorine content in your drinking water. Ensuring water safety has never been this efficient.

Unrivaled Precision

The DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Tablets yield photometer-grade results, boasting a detection range of 0 to 10 mg/liter. The tablets provide a complete water quality assessment, expertly analyzing total chlorine content. Experience the cutting-edge precision these tablets bring.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Packed in quantities of 250 tablets, with an impressive shelf life of ten years, the DPD No.4 Chlorine Tablets promise optimal cost efficiency. They are an ideal choice for laboratories, water testing facilities, and water treatment plants, looking for long-term, cost-effective solutions.

Unparalleled Compatibility

Engineered to seamlessly integrate with a myriad of testing apparatus: from visual block and disc comparators to colorimeters and photometers. These tablets provide versatile testing solutions to match your facility's unique requirements.

Superior Water Testing Solution

The DPD No.4 Chlorine Testing Tablets, when paired with precise measuring devices, deliver consistently accurate readings. They are available in multiple reagent forms, such as fast-dissolving tablets, powdered sachets, and bottle strips, catering to a wide spectrum of testing needs. Achieving pure water and safety standards has never been more feasible.

Features at a Glance:

  • Photometer-grade results
  • 0 to 10 mg/liter detection range
  • Analyzes total chlorine content
  • Pack of 250 tablets with ten years shelf life
  • Compatibility with diverse testing apparatus
  • Multiple reagent forms available
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