Chlor.test DPD No.3 Photo Tablets - Your Advanced Solution for Water Safety Testing

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Chlor.test DPD No.3 Photo Tablets: A reliable solution for water quality testing. Assured accuracy for potable water chlorine detection, suitable for industry professionals.

  • High-precision: Precision measurements within the range 0-10 mg/L.
  • Long-lasting: 10-year shelf life with correct storage.
  • Compatibility: Usable with both photometers and colorimeters.
  • Proven efficiency: Field-tested and reliable.
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Chlor.test DPD No.3 Photo Tablets: Advanced Water Safety Testing Solution

Ensure top-notch cleanliness and safety for various water environments with the superior functionality of our Chlor.test DPD No.3 Photo Tablets. Designed to deliver precision, convenience, and longevity, these tablets provide a detailed report on the water's quality by accurately measuring combined chlorine (Mono- and Dichloramines) levels.

Suitable for use in domestic, industrial, and laboratory settings, our tablets integrate seamlessly with measuring tools such as Digital Colorimeters, Photometers, or Visual Disc and Block Comparators. This compatibility ensures you receive reliable and accurate readings, further contributing to optimal health and hygiene.

Standout Features

  • Accuracy: Precisely measures the levels of combined chlorine, offering a clear insight into the water's quality.
  • User-friendliness: Easily integrates with various measuring instruments, making the water testing process uncomplicated and straightforward.
  • Durability: Showcases a robust shelf life, guaranteeing reliable testing and consistent performance over a long period.
  • Packaging: Comes in a sleek packaging containing 250 tablets, promoting easy storage and handy test procedures.

Technical Details

  • Weight: Approximately 65g
  • Volume: Nearly 120ccm

Invest in the Chlor.test DPD No.3 Photo Tablets for adherence to water quality standards and a significant contribution to health and hygiene. These tablets are your reliable companions for maintaining and monitoring the safety of your water sources effectively and efficiently.

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