Inclusive Education Guide for Children with Disabilities - Premium SIB Kit

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Equip your schools with the ‘Essential Guide for Inclusive Education: Children with Disabilities SIB Kit’ – a comprehensive educational tool designed to foster a more inclusive environment. Each pack contains:

  • Format: Compact A5 size, expanding to an informative A4 layout
  • Content: 32 pages of educational material on glossy recycled paper
  • Design: Double-sided, 2-color print with matt lamination
  • Durability: Strengthened with saddle stitching along the 210mm edge
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped set of 20 booklets
  • Digital Support: Ready-to-print PDF file aid in seamless pre-production
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Essential Guide for Inclusive Education: Children with Disabilities SIB Kit

Empower your incluive educational initiative with our 'Essential Guide for Inclusive Education: Children with Disabilities SIB Kit'. Tailored to facilitate-comprehension and application across primary education environments, this guide ensures a seamless integration of students with disabilities into mainstream learning environments.

Key Features:

  • Size: Compact A5 foldable size, expanding to a spacious A4 when open.
  • Design: 32 pages resourceful guide, featuring an appealing cover that provides an extensive overview of inclusive education methodologies.
  • Sustainability: Produced from 75% post-consumer waste recycled glossy coated paper, promoting environment-friendly learning resources.
  • Printing: Double-sided, 2-color printing enhances the visual aesthetics, making learning fun and engaging.
  • Finishing: Finished with a matte lamination for a premium feel and added durability. The guide is saddle-stitched along the 210mm edge, offering a professional finish.
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped booklets available in packs of 20 to facilitate easy and perfect conditions for distribution.
  • Part of a Set: Can be purchased as part of our wider comprehensive educational kits, capable of catering to 40 students.
  • Ready for Production: A ready-to-print PDF file is provided for an effortless pre-production process.

This inclusive educational guide is your essential companion in cultivating a nurturing and accepting educational environment, breaking barriers, and powering a future of possibilities for children with disabilities. Invest in this guide today and become a part of the inclusive education movement!

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