Chemical Shielding Pump: Safe & Efficient Solution for Expert Liquid Transfer

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The Chemical Shielding Pump BA32H – 222H2BM-50-40-160-FV is a top-notch B2B product for the efficient and secure transport of diverse liquids with superior metal shielding to prevent corrosion and leakage, designed ideally for harmful or valuable substances. Key features include:

  • Leak-proof Design: Designed specially to handle hazardous fluids
  • Gas-free Operation: Appropriate for use with vacuum systems
  • High Resistance to Pressure & Temperature: Perfection for demanding applications
  • No Oiling Required: Minimizes maintenance and prevents oil pollution
  • Compact & Low Noise: Providing convenient and eco-friendly functioning

Manufactured in Shanghai, this pump doesn’t provide samples on request.

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Chemical Shielding Pump: A Pioneering Solution for Secure and Efficient Liquid Transfer Operations

Experience our groundbreaking Chemical Shielding Pump, the epitome of safety and environmental preservation. This high-end pump integrates an exclusive metallic shielding to mitigate corrosion and contain leakage of liquid mediums. Its dynamic adaptability is fitting for varied applications in multiple areas.

Stunning Features:

  • Seamless design to facilitate safe management of hazardous, explosive, flammable, corrosive, and high-value liquids.
  • Exceptional performance devoid of external gas, making it perfect for vacuum systems.
  • Robust enough to tolerate high system pressures and severe temperatures.
  • Clean, oil-free functioning that erases oil pollution and associated maintenance chaos.
  • Compact and lightweight for straightforward installation and handling.
  • Whisper-quiet operation that makes sure your work environment remains free of noise disturbance.

Understanding Model Specifics:

BA32H - 222H2BM-50-40-160-FV

  • Basic model 'B' loaded with standard specs ensuring steady operation.
  • 'A' stands for the Horizontal Band linker facilitating ideal positioning.
  • '3' denoting the Material Department signifies the material used.
  • '2' representing Design Pressure indicates the pressure tolerance levels.
  • Flange Standard 'H' conforming to HG standards assures a superior connection interface.
  • Motor No. '222' denotes the motor's power capacity.
  • Insulation Class 'H' resists high temperatures.
  • '2' signifying Voltage distinguish allows for efficient power usage.
  • Direct starter 'B' with thermal protection ensures auto cut-off preventing overheating.
  • 'M' signifies the on-board bearing monitoring aligned for predictive maintenance.
  • '50' denotes an inhalation diameter of 50mm to streamline liquid flow.
  • Exclude diameter of 40mm '40,' facilitating effective discharge.
  • '160' stands for an impeller nominal diameter of 160mm boosting performance.
  • 'FV'- equipped with an inducer for versatile applications.

Our Chemical Shielding Pump is set to revolutionize the norms of safety and efficiency in managing various liquid mediums. Invest in operational transformation by making it part of your setup today!

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