High-End Manual Laboratory Centrifuge | Swift & Efficient Lab Solutions

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High-End Manual Laboratory Centrifuge | Quick & Efficient Lab Solutions

A state-of-the-art manual system designed for efficient centrifugation in challenging environments. Key attributes include:

  • Optimized Efficiency: Performs exceptionally even with limited power supply.
  • Manual Mode: Ideal for areas with unstable electricity, enabling reliable operation.
  • Sturdy Build: High-quality aluminum base and gear structure ensure minimal maintenance.
  • High Pace: Capable of reaching up to 3000 min^-1 shaft speeds.
  • Secure Handling: Swing-out rotor housing safely accommodates 24 glass conical tubes, but should not be used for potentially infection-carrying materials unless aerosol-proof lids are supplied.
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Discover the next level of laboratory efficiency with our High-End Manual Laboratory Centrifuge, specifically designed for achieving swift, precise results in high-output labs. This manually operated centrifuge breaks away from reliance on substantial electrical power, making it a versatile addition to both central and secondary facilities. With an emphasis on long-lasting quality, user control, and exceptional performance, this lab centrifuge is a game changer.

Superior Quality and Performance

Built to last, our High-End Manual Laboratory Centrifuge features a durable aluminium base and a detachable aluminium gear structure, promising an impressive lifespan. It's also engineered to deliver top-notch performance capable of achieving a shaft speed of up to 3000 RPM for extraordinarily fast sample processing. This feature helps labs cut down on time and resource use.

Maximum User Control

As a manual instrument, the centrifuge puts complete control of the process in your hands, ensuring accurate results with each run. With its user-friendly nature, operation is a breeze, eliminating unnecessary complexities from your workflow.

Multi-Sample Processing

Efficiency is crucial in the lab, and our centrifuge delivers. It has a four-position 90-degree swing-out rotor that can accommodate four 15ml conical tubes, enabling concurrent multi-sample processing in a single run. Plus, it's fitted with four aluminium buckets for test tubes, adding convenience in your procedures.

Safety Measures

With an adjustable bench clamp that has a 0 to 40mm screw range, our centrifuge assures an added layer of safety during operation. For handling potentially infectious materials, we recommend using aerosol-proof lids.'

Lightweight (1.1 kg), easy to carry and compact (0.0081m3), this centrifuge won't take up much space in your lab. Despite its small size, it assures big contributions to your lab's efficiency. This unit includes 24 glass conical bottom tubes and is truly an excellent choice for space-conscious labs that refuse to compromise on efficiency.


Revolutionize your lab procedures with our High-End Manual Laboratory Centrifuge. Engineered with the needs of modern, high-output labs in mind, our centrifuge is a guarantee for swift, precise, and user-controlled sample processing. It's time to step up your lab operations with this phenomenal tool.

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