High-Performance Lab Centrifuge - Basic Serology 24x5ml Model: Taking Precision to New Heights

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Enhance your lab efficiency with our High-Performance Centrifuge – Quality-Assured Basic Serology 24x5ml Model. It reaches a remarkable top speed of 6000rpm, ensuring rapid results. The adjustable timer from 1-99 minutes offers meticulous precision for your processes. It comes with an adjustable speed control for accurate lab serology processes and a swing-out rotor for efficient sample separation. Premium safety features such as solid lid lock, automatic release, and aerosol-proof lids underline its safe usability. User-friendly centrifuge buckets and an inclusive instruction manual simplify operations.

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Superior Performance High-Performance Lab Centrifuge - Quality-Assured Basic Serology 24x5ml Model

Elevate your lab operations with our High-Performance Lab Centrifuge - Basic Serology 24x5ml Model. Packed with cutting-edge technology and unique features specifically designed to optimize your scientific innovations, this compact device guarantees precision and superior productivity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Space-Saving Compact Design: Maximize your workspace with our cleverly constructed benchtop centrifuge, designed to fit neatly and conveniently anywhere in your laboratory.

  • Customizable Versatility: This versatile device offers a wide speed range, reaching an impressive 6000 rpm, ideally suited to varied applications, from liquid separation to particle sedimentation.

  • Precision Run Control: Customize run times between 1 to 99 minutes for maximal efficiency and precision, thereby ensuring unwavering accuracy in your results.

  • Top-Notch Safety Features: The advanced safety aspects of our centrifuge include an emergency lid lock and lid hold functionality during operation, instilling confidence and guaranteeing security in the lab setting.

  • Aerosol-Proof Lids: The rotor buckets come fitted with aerosol-proof lids, significantly reducing contamination risks and maintaining sample purity.

  • Durable Construction: Made from robust and reliable coated strengthened or stainless steel for prolonged service life.

  • User Centricity: Hassle-free use, convenient controls, and essential safety measures make an excellent choice for all lab environments.

  • Stable Performance: Armed with 220V/110V power supply compatibility and surge protection, ensuring constant, reliable performance in your lab is a guarantee.

What Do You Get?

  • Swing-out Rotor (24x5ml): This easy-to-use rotor simplifies sample loading and unloading processes, thereby enhancing your lab workflow efficiency.

  • Centrifuge Buckets and Covers: We provide you with Centrifuge Buckets and Covers to maintain sample integrity and purity during centrifugation.

  • Detailed Manual: Our comprehensive bilingual manual guides users through all stages, from setup and operation to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Invest in our High-Performance Lab Centrifuge - Quality-Assured Basic Serology 24x5ml Model and reap the benefits of unrivaled accuracy and consistency. Upgrade your lab operations by stepping into the future of scientific innovation.

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