Sterile Urethral Catheter CH14 - High-Quality Disposable Catheterization Tool

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The Sterile Urethral Catheter CH14 is a highly reliable, single-use bladder catheterization tool, enhancing patient safety and convenience. It is crafted from superior Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), ensuring flexibility and durability. It features a nelaton tip and a rounded closed distal end for minimal discomfort during placement and removal. The simple connectivity to the drainage system is achieved through two lateral eyes and a proximal end with a cup connector. Each set offers 100 individually sealed catheters sterilized with Ethylene oxide gas for optimal infection control. Follow aseptic techniques during use and store according to guidelines.

  • Made from high-quality PVC
  • Nelaton tip and round closed distal end
  • Each pack contains 100 sterilized catheters
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Sterile Urethral Catheter CH14 - Superior Quality, Safety-Assured and Disposable Catheterization Solution

Experience safe and efficient short-term bladder catheterization with our Sterile Urethral Catheter CH14. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this medical-grade catheter ensures a seamless and effective catheterization procedure.

Outstanding Features

  • Constructed using high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), combining durability with flexibility
  • Features a Nelaton tip and a soft, closed rounded distal end, reducing the risk of damage during insertion
  • Includes two lateral openings for optimal drainage
  • A functional cup connector at the proximal end provides easy and secure attachment to a urine collection bag
  • Diameter CH14 with a length of 30-40cm appropriate size for practical application
  • Each pack consists of 100 individually wrapped sterile units, presenting a cost-effective choice for healthcare institutions

Packaging, Weight, and Dimensions

Our packaging ensures ease of use and maintains hygiene. Each box contains 100 Nelaton catheters, individually sealed for optimal cleanliness.

  • Approximate weight per unit: 0.012kg
  • Approximate volume per unit: 0.128cdm

Guidelines for Storage and Usage

Adherence to aseptic techniques is crucial during insertion, and sterile water should be used for lubrication, if necessary. Given their single usage nature, catheters must be safely disposed of through incineration post-use.

The product should be stored in a dry, cool place. Always ensure each unit's packaging integrity before use, and refrain from using if packaging appears compromised.

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